Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Bone to Pick

Christmas is shot this year. Guaranteed. Wanna know why? I've got doctor bills to pay. Why, yes, I do have insurance. What of it?

When I checked into putting Sean into partial care 2 weeks ago, they told me that it would cover 50% up to $130 a day. That makes me responsible for $65. God knows what they've contracted it at, but that's what they cover. Sean was in partial care full time for 4 days. I have to call and find out how much they cover for transition days. There were 3 of those. Then there's the hospitalization. Dunno about that one either.

Here's the stinky bit. I CAN'T CHECK ON THE WEB. even though there's a website. i don't have authorization. it's mark's insurance. but i'm supposed to! We got a letter at the beginning of September that they were issuing new insurance cards as of october 1 (haven't seen mine yet, and i've been diligently checking the mail), and that spouses would be given log-ins so that they could check things like providers, and balances (it's a $750 deductible/person, with $1500/family, in network. don't even wanna discuss out-of-network. i think it's $1500/person, and $3000/family, but don't quote me), and coverage. haven't gotten it yet. it's FUCKING OCTOBER 22, PEOPLE!

Because of Sean's UTI problems earlier in the year, he met his deductible months ago. But as of right now, I'm still responsible for at LEAST $260 *for M-Th of last week, not to mention the rest. I'm still paying off the urologist from march for sean, and mark's facial surgery from EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO. And now i'm going to have new bills for sean at this same damned hospital. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, FOLKS. When mark had the s urgery, i had received SIX SEPARATE BILLS. Radiology. Anesthesiology. Surgeon. Lab work. Hospital. and (this one pisses me off huger than big) RADIOLOGY CONSULTANTS. because his dad had skin cancer, they wanted to x-ray his lungs (had to do 2, cuz his lungs are so long, lol). so, they had a radiologist to take the picture, and a CONSULTANT to look at it! WTF. still paying the hospital and the surgeon (at least the surgeon doesn't send snotty letters EVERY MONTH even though i'm paying monthly).

and i won't even get into therapy, which will happen with sean eventually. the sad part? they'll only cover 26 sessions a year. and you have to reapply every so often during the year to v erify that you still need the services. he'll be ok for the rest of this year (there's only a tad over 2 months left), but next year could get dicey.

such is the state of mental health care. and it pisses me off.

*and this is beyond the $250 mark pays a month for the insurance. i can remember not so long ago when i paid $60 every 2 weeks to cover me AND all 4 of my kids. *stomps off in disgust*


Michelle said...

GAH! I can't even imagine what you're going through. It's hard enough dealing with a loved one being ill, but to also worry about all the medical bills...I hope things look brighter for you. Hugs.

BeccaH said...

Hugs! I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts - my husband works in the mental health care division of an insurance company so I hear his side of things (X number of visits for the year, etc) - it's so sad that for the people who need the services are put through such a hassle to get them.

Cheryl said...

Hang in there, sweetie, and keep advocating for what you and your family need. As I get older and acquire more interesting illnesses, I am constantly dumbfounded by how the insurance companies have us by the *!@&.