Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i was unable to watch the inauguration today. i had to take my mother to the dermatologist to get a small thing on her forehead removed. (no biggie, i think it took longer for them to numb her forehead than it took to remove it). i tried to find a tv. walmart had theirs focused on their own internal network (big surprise there), and burger king just down the way didn't have one (some do, some don't).

so i sat in the car, and i listened. and i cried. not tears of sorrow. i don't know if i would call them tears of joy. tears of hope. such overwhelming emotion. bigger than me. bigger than all of us as individuals.

today is a milestone. not just for democrats. not just for african-americans. for all americans. "all men are created equal." indeed.

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Ina said...

I hope you mom makes a speedy recovery.

What a grand day, indeed!