Monday, August 31, 2009

sunrise, sunset

i was reading stephanie's post about letting her eldest go to australia, and it got me thinking. i didn't do birthday posts for the boys this year because life's been nutty at best, but they did, indeed, get a year older. Sean is now 15, and Liam is 17.

mark and i were watching the original woodstock movie one day, while the boys were playing video games in the other room. for t hose not in t he know, it's rated R for nudity and some language. liam came in the room to tell us something, and we paused it to avoid any accidental montys. after he went back to playing, i looked at mark and said "do you realize he could walk into a movie theater right now, and watch this without our permission?" that thought, more than a nything else lately, has reinforced t hat my little boy is no longer little, nor a boy. He's definitely a young man, with his o wn ideas, thoughts, feelings, and ways.

He's even seemed to pull his head out of his ass as far as his grades. we're 2 weeks into the new year, and i've heard from 4 teachers, and he's doing well in their classes. some A's, even!

Sean has definitely shown a large amount of improvement, and maturity. He's started the school yearat level 2 of 6 levels atschool (the higher the level the greater the freedoms and the fewer "chances" to keep a level day and still misbehave.), and at the pace he's going, i expect him to hit level 3 by parent teacher conferences. we won't mentionthe fact that the little shit is now about 6' tall, and weighs about 185. haven't heard about academics, but the behavior is a huge t hing.

when did they grow?


Shells said...

They grow when "life's been nutty, at best." *sigh*

Anna M said...

I can't even imagine what it's like to have children. Not to mention boys that have to be so much bigger than you!