Tuesday, September 22, 2009

whose fault?

13 months ago a boy collapsed at football practice, and died 3 days later. while the community pulled together over this tragedy, the legal system kicked into overdrive. they charged the coach with wanton endangerment and reckless homicide. the coach was acquitted in 90 minutes.

there were a few things that came out in the trial that makes me question the parents. 1)this child was on adderal AND creatine (a muscle building supplement), both of which impair the body's ability to regulate heat. 2) he had not been feeling well the night before, and probably was not fit to practice in the first place.
The laws are being changed. Coaches are now being allowed access to medical information, and parents are required to provide it to schools.

Here's where i get upset. sean is on numerous medications. if it's going in his body, i research it to a fair-thee-well. I don't let him take ANYTHING without knowing how it's going to 1)make him react and 2)interact with his meds. How did these parents not investigate something like a muscle building supplement for their 15-year old? And if they didn't know he was taking it, why the hell not? Fifteen is not so totally independent that you can't find out what's going on.

additionally, why was he allowed to go to practice if he was ill? any coach worth his salt knows that 1) it's counterproductive for an ill child to come to practice and 2) it can cause his whole team to get sick.

the parents are filing a civil suit against the coach. however, he's been shown to have followed all the rules and regulations in place at the time, and has actually been released by the schools superintendent to not only teach but to coach if he so desires, with NO STIPULATIONS. who's investigating the parents?


fillyjonk said...

1. I know about HIPAA laws and all, but it seems kind of crazy for a coach not to know. I ask (beg) all of my students I take out on field labs to TELL ME if they have insect-sting allergies so we can adjust the labs to protect them. I only know, though, if they tell me. I have a horror that some day someone will not have bothered to tell me, will get stung, and will have a bad reaction.

2. I think the parents may have assumed creatine was "safe" because it's OTC and you can buy it at places like GNC. But no "herbal" or "natural" supplement, if it does anything at all in the body, is totally without side effects. (I read of a guy who took ginkgo for memory and was on a blood thinner - and the two interacted and he BLED THROUGH HIS EYES). But people are foolish that way - they think if it's "natural" it's 100% safe.

Anna M said...

IMO those are not parents, they are bio engineered children replacement pods. They expect the world to parent their child starting with the school system and when the system fails due to lack of involvment on their part they take to the courts.

YOU are a parent. Those things were not.