Friday, June 01, 2007

i'm in shock

ok, for those of you who intend on reading the book, or watching the movie for the first time:

the book is "The Friday Night Knitting Club" (anybody know the html to put in underlines?)


it was a good book. a nice book. a book about a tough woman who made a life for herself and her daughter, despite what life handed her.

she gets ovarian cancer.

as i read the book, after her diagnosis, i kept thinking, she'll be ok. she'll be fine. she can't die. she just re-discovered the love of her life. she has a 13 year old daughter who needs her, and looks up to her.

she didn't make it. she died.

ovarian cancer is a nasty, evil thing. it's so very hard to get a diagnosis, because its symptoms are so general. here's a good resource with a list of symptoms to watch for. the bad part is that so many women are diagnosed in the later stages, where the survival rates are much lower.

please, take care of yourself. get regular check-ups. know your own body.


Anonymous said...

Nasty horrible disease ovarian cancer.When I was 45 I had to have a hysterectomy because of benign fibroid tumors. A cousin was dying of ovarian cancer at the time so i told my doctor to get rid of the ovaries too.
I'm glad I did but it may not be the right decision for everyone

AnnaMarie said...

There is a blood test that if you are high risk can help detect some ovarian cancer called CA 125. This test along with trans vaginal ultrasound is something any woman in the high risk category should have starting at age 40. Frankly I'm more frightened of getting Ovarian Cancer than Breast Cancer. Great Post.

Lucinda said...

My children's grandmother (ex's mom) died of ovarian cancer less than 6 months after finding out that she had it. Nasty, nasty disease.

Lindsey said...

I believe the html code for underline is < u > and < /u >, without the excess spaces...