Wednesday, May 30, 2007

is chivalry dead?

ok, here's the deal. we live on a semi-busy street (it's a snow emergency street, which means no one can park on it.). we also live at the convergence of about 5 streets. some poor kid with a duded up car (spinners, fly paint job, etc) ended up killing the car in the middle of making a turn. so he was blocking both lanes of traffic. fortunately, the way the streets run, it was relatively easy to get around him (except for the SUV bozos who would rather drive on the grass than go around him!). we sat and watched all kinds of guys (and i do mean people of the male persuasion) go around him, making faces, gestures, and honking. We being me, steph, her roommate, and the little boy they're babysitting. finally, i'd had enough. i fetched liam from upstairs, and he, steph, and i walked over and asked if he wanted a push. he had a girl with him. SHE got out of the car, and helped us push it into a driveway of a house that is unoccupied. apparently, as she was walking to the back of the car, she called him a punk ass. steph said, no kidding, you should be steering! now, he did say thank you, but if that girl was his date, i'm pretty sure he's not getting another one, because apparently the poor schmuck was out of gas. and if she was his sister, i'm doubly sure he's getting the tongue lashing of a life time.

i suppose my whole point is, why didn't he get out of the car? it took three women and a young boy to push his car out of harm's way. go figger

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Anonymous said...

no looking good for chivalry's lifespan!