Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i've seen this around

but most notably, natalie. i likee!

Bold for stuff you’ve done, italics for stuff you plan to do one day, and normal for stuff you’re not planning on doing.

Garter stitch
Knitting with metal wire
Stockinette stitch
Socks: top-down
Socks: toe-up
Knitting with camel yarn
Mittens: Cuff-up
Mittens: Tip-down
Knitting with silk
Moebius band knitting
Participating in a KAL
Drop stitch patterns (i'm assuming clapotis falls in this category?)
Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn
Slip stitch patterns
Knitting with bananafiber yarn
Domino knitting (=modular knitting)
Twisted stitch patterns
Knitting with bamboo yarn
Two end knitting
Charity knitting
Knitting with soy yarn
Toy/doll clothing
Knitting with circular needles
Baby items
Knitting with your own handspun yarn
Graffitti knitting (knitting items on, or to be left on the street) (i see a naked stop sign near by!)
Continental(i tried several times. with the way i knit, i just can't seem to wrap my mind around the purling)
Designing knitted garments
Cable stitch patterns (incl. Aran)
Lace patterns
Publishing a knitting book
Teaching a child to knit
American/English knitting (as opposed to continental)
Knitting to make money
Button holes
Knitting with alpaca
Fair Isle knitting
Norwegian knitting
Dying with plant colours
Knitting items for a wedding
Household items (dishcloths, washcloths, tea cosies…)
Knitting socks (or other small tubular items) on two circulars
Olympic knitting
Knitting with someone elses handspun yarn
Knitting with dpns
Holiday related knitting
Teaching a male how to knit (more specifically, male children, to include Sean, lol)
Knitting for a living
Knitting with cotton
Knitting smocking
Dying yarn
Knitting art (Isn’t it all art? :))
Knitting two socks (or other small tubular items) on two circulars simultaneously (don't like the socks on 2 circs to begin with, why do this?)
Knitting with wool
Textured knitting
Knitting with beads
Long Tail CO
Knitting and purling backwards
Machine knitting
Knitting with selfpatterning/selfstriping/variegating yarn
Stuffed toys
Knitting with cashmere (go see this post to find out why)
Knitting with synthetic yarn
Writing a pattern
Knitting with linen
Knitting for preemies
Tubular CO
Freeform knitting
Short rows
Cuffs/fingerless mitts/armwarmers
Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine
Knitting on a loom
Thrummed knitting
Knitting a gift
Knitting for pets
Knitting with dog/cat hair
Hair accessories
Knitting in public

wow. i seem to be a wee bit prolific. i suppose that's what happens when you knit for 31 years, and don't even know "it's too hard for a beginner." granted, i just recently started doing things like socks, but mostly because i didn't want to, not because it was too hard. it's all just sticks & string to me. (except steeking. i need a drink to even type that!)

so, my challenge to all of y'all. what have you done? leave a comment so i can see your lists!


Bogie said...

I read your comment on my blog about the problems you're having with the Early Spring Sock pattern. Feel free to write me at knitflix at gmail dot com and I'd be happy to help you.

Maryellen said...

Hi Minnie:

I've considered myself tagged so as to have something to write about. Have a great day.

kristo said...

I filled out my list... not nearly as complete as yours though! Wow!

Marlene said...

Minnie, you can add cashmere back to your list --- as long as you spin it up yourself and meet the goat it came from.

I've done the questionnaire as well. Come and take a look. I've been knitting for 40 years so have done most of them. I think some of them would even surprise my own daughter.

Snarled Yarns said...

I'll post the list on my blog sometime soon. I've done a lot but there is always more I want to do.