Monday, December 18, 2006

at what cost?

this was shocking. go on, read it, i'll wait.

i hadn't seen cashmere sweaters in target or wal-mart, but i won't buy them now.

and it makes me question. lion brand yarns has a new cashmere line. debbie bliss & her cashmerino yarns. where are they getting their cashmere? i will be questioning that. and i may just forgo cashmere.

all for money. i don't think so


Kathy said...

It just doesn't end. No matter what you eat, what you buy, the worldwide repercussions are there. We try to do things right, but sometimes it's only possible to do little things. It gets disheartening, eh? I wonder what things will be like in 50 years? How do we make a difference?

Dawn said...

OYE! I popped over from the Violet's Pink Ribbon KAL to commiserate about the lack of yarn and BAM, one big ole smack up the side of the head later I have yet another thing to add to the "list of things to be roiling pissy about". Will anyone ever be responsible for anything in this country?!?!? Just a teeny, tiny bit of corporate soul is all I'm asking for. Would it have been too much for anyone to ask "hmmmm, now just why is this cashmere so cheap?" It seems like inquiring minds just shoulda known...thanks for the heads-up, off to email everyone I can think of...

Anonymous said...

Ack, that's a whole world of uncool. I looked on the Debbie Bliss site to see if there was an email address to ask them if they had an ethical buying policy, but couldn't find one :(

I will definately be checking where cashmere comes from before buying in the future. Thanks for the link!