Friday, December 29, 2006

jack schitt

that's what i got done today. the boys were acting up all afternoon, to the point that liam pushed sean, and sean fell and put a huge hole in the wall. sigh. and mark blames me. there are days, i tell ya.

8/1: Surveyor's Bath Mitt. this is made with surveyor's tape (the pattern used white, but i like these dayglo colors!). when i first looked at it, i'm like oooooooooo scratchy! but now that i've looked at the surveyor's tape, i can see it. this is actually kinda cool!
8/2: Stella- Poncho on the Run. this is similar to the clapotis pattern in the dropped stitch respect. kinda neat.
8/3: DragonFly & Fizz Lenghtwise Knit Scarf. non-pattern. nuff said.
8/4: Brady's Bucket O' Balls. the title cracks me up! you knit a sleeve for an ice cream bucket (and those things are getting smaller! i remember wehn they were 5 qts. now they're 4!) you also knit up balls. i could see this being a fun gift for a toddler, or, if you used high-end fiber, you could make a rather chic room ornament (if you took off the handle, lol).
8/5-6: Varsha-Girl's Tank Top. This is cute. for a smaller child (sizes 4-8). once again, wanting to fast forward 5 years to grandchildren!
8/7: Sari Openwork. this is a summery top named for the yarn. my biggest problem is a uniformity to abbreviations. what, exactly, is Yron?
8/8-9: Crazy Eights. a perfect use for left over sock yarn. anybody participating in L&V's sock marathon? use this!
8/10: Book Cover. this is for an average paperback, and it's done on a knitting machine. i don't use mine as it is, and i don't think i'd do this.
8/11-13: Striped Teen Top #4. again, very cute, but not for those who are gravity-challenged. frankly, i dont' think i'd put this on anyone over 14. it might inspire lust, and we all know what it was like in those days, dont we?
8/14: Napkin Ring. they suggest hemp or metallic thread to do this. i'm assuming because they're stiff? in that case, if you never washed them, would linen work?
8/15: Raggedy Cropped Jacket. i like the pattern, but i don't care for their yarn choice. i think i'd find another one to do it, and maybe change the closure, since this just has one tie. Dulaan, anyone?
8/16: Fan-Shaped Facecloth. this is cute, but it calls for either Sand by Classic Elite or nylon eyelash & cotton together. ew? why would i want to mop my face with EYELASH?
8/17: Abalone Silk Bag. Now there's a name! straightforward and to the point. a bag made with recycled silk yarn with an abalone button. and cute, too!
8/18: Barb's Twizzle Baby Hat. this is so cute it makes me want to SQEEEEEEEEEEEE! think liam would like it in red & black?
8/19-21: Rib & Cable Top. this is cute. i've got cotton in my stash for a tank, maybe i'll use this?
8/22: Lacy Ladies Poncho (ok here's an aside. is it spelled lacy, or lacey? i've seen both recently, and i would like to be correct (7th grade spelling champion, ya know)). this is cute, but the way it's made, it's too big for the model. she looks like she's swimming in it.
8/23: Summer. Hmmm. very, very, very basic tank. edging near non pattern for those of us who can knit these in our sleep.
8/24: Wrap Stitch Party Scarf. non pattern named for the yarn. sheesh.
8/25-27: Torbjorn Pullover. this is actually spelled wrong, as the pattern has that o with the slash through it, but i don't recall how to do it on the puter. ah well. this is DARLING. and it's got a whole plethora of sizes, too. it goes up big enough i may make it for the boys ! (right)
8/28: Beehive Hat. this is cute. particularly with the bee buttons on it. i wonder if i could send it to Dulaan? i will have to ask.
8/29: Maine Bounty Pullover. the big attraction for htis is the fact that it has a bunch of different yarns used as carry-alongs tossed in with a main yarn. otherwise it's avery simple sweater.
8/30: Opal Scarves. non pattern with opal and (shudder) eyelash.
8/31: Mock Smock. ooooooooo i like the texture of this. i could definitely do this as a sweater.

as for the red & black yarn i was mentioning earlier for liam, i went to personal threads yesterday, as they have everything on sale for 20% off through january 15. they do this every year. i bought one each red & black of baby ull for liam's hat (only one that was machine washable in a bright enough husker red), a skein of bluey malabrigo, 2 balls of noro kureyon in color 102 (orange and pink & yellow), and an olive green kid mohair to use for dulaan hats. is that it? oh yeah, size 11 addi's cuz i needed them to finish the herbie. he's drying quite nicely (i pulled out the plastic bags tonight, as he's holding his shape well), and i should be able to needle felt him tomorrow night or sunday, and stuff and wrap him for monday. mark even commented that he thought it was cute and he HATES the huskers, lol. i'll show ya pics later, i'm at my house (don't ask)


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