Sunday, December 03, 2006

anatomy of a reuben

What i consider a reuben:

marble rye or dark rye bread

heaps of corned beef

swiss cheese (and not the processed stuff)

sauer kraut

thousand island dressing

all of this slapped together, and grilled to golden crunchy perfection

Arby's version:

light rye (huh?)

corned beef or roast turkey (and i actually said this to the girl running the drive through: "it's not a reuben if it doesn't have corned beef)

coleslaw with a mustard dressing

processed swiss/american


that's not a reuben, that's a rachel! needless to say, i was not terribly pleased with my sandwich, and i won't be ordering that again. sigh. my quest for an inexpensive, decent reuben in this bloody midwestern town continues.

in other news:

have you ever swallowed a pill, and have it stick part way down because you didn't drink enough. i did that this morning. unfortunately it was THREE pills, one of which a honking multivitamin, and it stuck just where my gag reflex is worst. yup, you guessed it. i puked. but didn't bring up the damned pills! all i had in my stomach was spit and acid and a little milk. oy. it took 15 minutes, but i finally got the damned things down. needless to say, i took the rest one at a time, lol.

and wanna hear a shocker? i ate cereal for breakfast! strawberry blasted honeycombs. the kids love them, but i was not terribly impressed.

sean spent the weekend here, and his fosterdad called this morning and asked us to keep him until he goes to school tomorrow, because his furnace died. it's been a good weekend. he's been testing the limits a bit, but he's done well. he did lose his video games for the evening last night because he wouldn't listen, but when mark explained why, he accepted it without any arguments or faces. i think he'll be home soon.

i caved. i had started a red afghan, and with my crazy gauge, it was c oming out too small. i was at norma's blog, reading about the red scarf project, and said what the hell. i ripped out one section to get it scarf normal, and added to both ends. i'm in the process of crocheting single crochet around the edges to even it up, and will make chained fringe (i hate cutting & tying fringe, and personally think it's pretty useless, since you don't get to actually WORK the yarn, but this i can live with). it's in red heart, but the new acrylics are actually quite soft any more, and this will be machine washable. definitely a plus for someone who doesn't have a mom to go home to to do their hand-washables. Edit: it's done, and it's 10 ft long! norma had suggested turning it into 2, but not with this pattern. the afghan was a join-as-you-go pattern, and i really think i can't split it. hope they give it to someone who loves long scarves, or is really tall!

What I'm Reading:
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (bookt ape in the car (i wanted to finish the rest of them before i started HBP)
Dragon's Fire by Anne McAffrey & son (i can't remember his first name, lol) (booktape at my house.
Care & RAising of Dragons

i'm picking up the pace again, lol.

mark & liam are helping steph move a sofa, and i'm here with sean. i think i'd better get back to laundry (i only have 2 days worth of clothes for Sean, so i'd better get them washed so he doesn't go to school naked!)



Yvonne said...

I'm at home on a laundry day too - surprising how much there is for just 2 adults!

In my family when we refer to a reuben it's our favourite coffee - an equal mix of strong, hot, black coffee with equal amounts of Baileys Irish cream - the "house" coffee of my favourite Belgian bar!

janine said...

never heard of a Reuban :-) I think the name you are looking for is Todd McCaffrey isn't it? Glad Sean will soon be home.

AR said...

Mmmm. Reubens are yummy! I agree with you about how they are made, though.

Lynne said...

Here's hoping Sean continues his better behaviour and can come home...

Bear said...

Mayo on a Reuben is good... Do you know what is in Kraft Thousand Island's dressing?