Monday, December 18, 2006

and away we go, yo ho ho!

sorry, i've been listening to treasure island, lol.

well, life has been interesting. we've yet to make it to the zoo to see the lights. i've had this pass all year, and we've still not made it to the zoo. sigh.

i've made good progress on both super secret projects. you'll find out more about those after thursday, lol. the vanilla socks of doom have been washed. however, i'm unable to find my large sock blockers, so i don't know if i'll block them, or just find a wire coat hanger, lol. the paws have been knit, and the arms & legs sewn on the hedgehog, however, i found out yesterday that it won't have to be done until new years. whew! room to breathe! i've decided to skip the fingerless mitts for my FIL, mostly because i need a gift from the boys, and, well, if i knit those, they would obviously not be from the boys, lol!

money is a wee bit tight, so there's been several home-made gifts. i'm giving my BIL & SIL a quart of that blasted green tomato salsa (liam and mark both say it's good, i just can't stand jalapenos, if you remember that post) and some home-made toffee. those of you who were at S&B thursday can attest to how tasty my toffee is, lol.

so now, on to reviews once again, lol. i'm determined to get through these by the new year (and the new calendars, eek!)

7/1-2: Canadian Flag Dishcloth. This is cute! I may just save this and use it for my Canadian friends (hear that, gang?)
7/3: Oh Canada! Bag. Another Canadian pattern. this one looks like it could be felted, if you made it big enough.
7/4: American Flag Decoration. this is interesting. they show it hanging from a door knocker. it's a thought.
7/5: my apologies here. it's a dog sweater that is flag styled, but it's at mark's house, cuz i'm going to make it for my SIL's dog, Star. oops, lol!
7/6-7: Sassy Summer Anklets. This looks cute, and you know, i actually HAVE the sockyarn this calls for! i had originally intended to use it for my SIL, because she's allergic to wool, but this yarn has wool, as well as cotton. poo. the socks are cute though, maybe i'll make them for myself when i HAVE to wear shoes, lol.
7/8-9:Simple Elegance. it's very simple and made with a microfiber ribbon. however, with reverse ease, i'm not making it til i lose some weight!
7/10:Necktie Scarf. ummm, non-pattern. it's seed stitch, with ribbing in the middle to make it narrower there, and it's lopsided so you can actually tie it like a tie. bit emphasis on the yarn. blech.
7/11: Stuff Tank Top. this actually looks cute. it's named for one of the yarns, but i think i could skate by with the cotton i bought for a tank last summer when i was engaging in retail therapy.!
7/12-13: Lacy Vest. this one is very pretty, too. hmmm, it calls for worsted weight, but i bet i could adapt it to sport weight, and then it would be a little tighter, and maybe i wouldn't have to wear something under it. contemplation ensuing.
7/14: Miniature Pullover. this is quite cute. i think it could be used for an ornament, or maybe in a doll house? made on 0's though. oh boy.
7/15-16: Asymmetrical Turkish Stitch Poncho. this is cute. would have been great with the cotton i had bought for a poncho for steph. alas, she never mentioned it again, so i gave it up in a yarn swap (i think my bridal one!)

What I'm reading:
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson(booktape at my house)
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway (booktape in the car)
John Adams by David McCullough (booktape at mark's house)
Faeries and Nature Spirits: A Beginner's Guide by Teresa Moorey
Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

ok, i'm off like a herd of turtles! i've got those projects to work on, not to mention presents to wrap!

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