Monday, December 25, 2006

the Damned Purse

there ya go, gang, the Damned Purse. it wasn't very big, maybe 6"x7". i used brown sheep lamb's pride, which i felted. i've noticed, in mark's washing machine, i get these funky ridges, which doesn't happen in my machine (let's get that sump fixed, honey!) which i don't care for. however, steph's roommate ADORED IT! her exact words "that is so damned cute!" i told you it was a damned purse! steph and i had discussed details as much as we could, as she was in the room while steph and i were talking about it on the phone. this is lined with a pretty shell pink cotton, and i got the button from Touche. considering i already had the brown sheep, this cost me all of $2.15. gotta love christmas gifts on the cheap, that still please.

it was a goooooooood christmas. i got this, and this, and this, and this, the latter 3 being from mark AND the boys, the first being just from mark ;). i also got a jimmy buffet cd. yes, i'm a parrot head. hmmm, i may just have to knit myself a parrot head hat! i think i giggled for an hour over the t-shirts!

the boys were thrilled with their gifts. since there was no room in the living room, we put sean's bicycle in the garage, and then had him do a treasure hunt. the first note was in an envelope under the tree. it sent him upstairs to look under his bed. the second note sent him into the basement to look on the washing machine. the third note sent him to the garage. he loved it! in fact, he loved it so much that when my mother got here, he lead her to the garage to show it to her!

and we gave liam a break today. he hasn't been allowed to play video games for almost 2 months, because of issues with his homework. his grades aren't horrific, but he's having big problems with turning work in on time. so the boys have been playing bionicle heros, and ratchet & clank going commando. they had the second game once before, but i made them trade it in on a new game. however, they have all 4 games for ps2, so i relented on this one. however, in the next few days, we are going to go through ALL the games, and get rid of a bunch.



puck said...

glad you had such a nice christmas!
work wasn't too bad over the holidays, but i am glad i have the day off today.
we are doing a stash swap at sop on the 11th, would love to see you!

AR said...

That damned purse is indeed damn cute! Good work!

You got knitting tshirts! Cool!

janine said...

Glad you had a lovely christmas. Lets hope for as happy a new year ;-)