Monday, December 11, 2006

more reviews

by god, i may actually get through these by year's end!

today we'll do knitting.


6/12: Small Knitted Bags. these are cute. but it's very generic, again. almost a non pattern.
6/13: Ribbed Shell. this is basically a vest, from the looks of it. i may adapt it for Dulaan.
6/14: Toesties-Flat Version. i think i've seen a similar pattern before, but i'd have to look it over more closely.
6/15: Rachel - Girl's Tank Top. This is cute, and very summery for a little girl.
6/16: Gemstone Wire Bracelet. it looks very cute, but the thought of knitting with wire just makes my teeth ache.
6/17-18: Thirsty: Water Bottle Holder. this one is done on two needles, that's handy (i tend to lose my dpn's, lol)
6/19-20: San Juan Islanders' Sock #2. this pattern looks fun! it's a crazy sock, but still a lot of fun. i think this is fair isle, so that should be interesting.
6/21: Itsy Bitsy Bikini. i don't think so. it's not happening. i always wonder at the people who design these things. do they know how much knitwear sags when it gets wet?
6/22: Marjaana Eyelet Crush Pullover. a very simple top, with some yummy looking yarn. it shies away from non-patternhood by actually having some variations in the stitching. it looks like maybe a broken rib.
6/23: Trio Tote Bag. this looks cute. the name, obviously, comes from the yarn chosen to do this, but i could see it being used with soemthing else similar.
6/24-26: Black Striped Teen Top #3. i don't know if i'd let my teenage daughter out of the house in this. it is cute, but a bit skimpy for a young girl.
6/27: Sun Visor Cap. this is kinda cute, although i really don't care for the color they used. it says "you may want to make more than one!" um, yeah. it's not that cute, lol.
6/28-29: Iben Dress & Hat. This is a baby set, dress & hat. looks very cute.
6/30. Lacy Diamonds. This is a good lace stitch. the pattern says that in a looser tension it would make a nice market bag. i've got some arucania cotton that has been brewing in my stash for over a year. maybe i'll do it up in this!

i was gonna say something else, but my brain has fried, and i need to scoot. i have to meet liam's language arts teacher at lunch today because he has been blowing off a lot of his assignments in that class, and i need to get back to the other house and do the dishes and some laundry.


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