Thursday, December 28, 2006

here ya go!

a lady from the limenviolet message board asked me for the copy of the Canadian Flag Dishcloth. this is such a lovely idea, that i think once i'm done with this year, i will go through it and offer up any patterns i don't like/want. anybody who speaks up can have them. i may even go through 2005 as well, lol.

let's make this quick.

you might be a redneck if your 7/8th grade show and tell is your wedding ring. (you could take that two ways, pardner)
. . . your license plate frame mentions fishing.
. . . you think the last four words of the national anthem are "gentlemen, start your engines."
. . . you've cut down a tree so you could watch the neighbors better.
. . . there are cuss words in your answering machine greeting.
. . . you think you're from a "broken home" because the a/c and shower never work (ew!)
. . . your dentist has described you as "the worst-case scenario."
. . . you had to change the baby during your wedding.
. . . you consider turkey calling a second language.
. . . you've belched during a job interview (this while liam is burping while he's in the bathroom, there's just something so WRONG about that.)
. . .your midwife asks for an ashtray.
. . . mechanics ask you to sit down before giving an estimate on your car (good thing i WAS sitting down!)
. . . tourists have ever photographed your truck.
. . . you've taken a "velvet Elvis" for an insurance appraisal.
. . . you have a "system" for choosing lottery numbers (yeah, it's called quick pick!)
. . .more than two of your children have been banned for life from a day-care center.
. . .everyone you know has the middle name "Wayne."
. . . you've ever sunk a rental paddleboat.
. . . you've ever driven across a state line to go to a yard sale (cb is NOT that far away!)
. . . every time you brake sharply, four dogs end up on your dashboard.
. . . yout kids' trick-or-treating covered three counties.

now, some crochet reviews.

7/17-20: Fairy Filet. this is SO COOL! and that someone was willing to put this in a calendar just absolutely ROCKS! it gives instructions row by row, as well as a chart. WOOHOO!
7/21: Wire Cup. This looks like it's made with some fluffy fuzzy stuff as well as copper wire. kinda cute, but wire is not my bag. i have enough trouble with regular stuff, i think wire would send my arthritis through the roof.
7/22-24: Cat Tracks. very cute, very solid. perfect for most of my projects, specially as it's 13". i could use it for Dulaan, maybe? or A4A if i used wool (oh wait, i can use acrylic for that, woohoo!) this is a Dude square.
7/25: XOXO Afghan Square. This is cute, too. and not too many holes. it might just work!
7/26-27: Hemp Belt. This is very retro. really cute too, if you're skinny. mine would be so long they could use it to lasso cattle!
7/28: Water Bottle Carrier. this one is a wee bit different, as it incorporates a drawstring to draw tight around the top of your bottle. good idea!
7/29-30: Carousel Square. this is cute. it uses a lot of bullion stitch, but not very many holes. a new possibility!
7/31: Rosette Belt. this, i think would be interesting, but i'd definitley use a different color scheme. it's in black & cream, and made with. . . rick rack. hmmmm. another retro belt, for sure.

well, i gotta run! i gotta go to several stores before mark gets home, and then i'm off to S&B! woohoo!

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