Tuesday, December 05, 2006

taco hell

apparently, new jersey's taco bells are having issues. i don't think i'll be eating there for a while!

who needs crapy faux mexican anyway, lol.

ok, i've been extremely dilatory about my reviews of my knitting & crochet calendars. so i'll do a few, lol.


5/25: Summer Cloche. this is kinda cute, but i can't stand squiggle, which is the yarn it's made with. i'd find an alternative yarn for sure.
5/26-28: Young Touch Cotton Shirt. This is a knit polo. very cute. a little young for me, though.
5/29-30: Not Your Ordinary Sock. this has an entrelac front panel, and an afterthought heel. the colors used in the example are cute, (think rainbow!) but i could see this done more subltly as well.
5/31: May's Top-Down Triangle Edging. very pretty. something to keep in mind.
6/1: Sonoma Tank. simple, easy, and it calls for alchemy silk purse. yummo!
6/2: Lace Wedding Garter. very pretty. i had thought of doing this for the wedding, but ran out of time.
6/3-4: Pom Sari Cardi. i don't like the yarn they used for this. however, the pattern looks simple.
6/5: Sharon's Pixie Sweater. This is cute, but it's got eyelash in it. frou frou for little girls.
6/6-7: Ancient Mariner Socks. this pattern is very interesting, i will have to check it out later.
6/8: Felted Bowl. very cute. would be a good gift.
6/9: Baby Blanket in Summer Net. i have mixed feelings about this one. you would think a baby blanket would be machine washable, but the pattern says to hand wash, spin out in the machine, then lay flat to dry. cute "almost" pattern, and definitely a warm weather blanket, but handwashing?
6/10-11: Toad Rock Tie. the story behind this is so cute! finding ties on telephone poles, and creating a pattern to resemble those. too darling!

i'll be back later, i got sean's yarn spun, and hung, and i'll show it to you. however, i'm at my house, and mark's scanner is at his, lol.



Mia said...

It is funny that you called Taco Bell "taco hell" since that is the nickname we gave a taco bell here that burned. It was the second fire in less than a year at this store and we had been calling it taco hell for quite a while.

fillyjonk said...

It used to be referred to as "Taco Hell" during my college days (late 80s) in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

And it was claimed by several, um, drinking men of my acquaintance that it was a good place to eat when you were sloshed. (Although I suspect it wouldn't taste as good coming back up in a flood of Purple Passion heaves or whatever).

(And I cannot believe I just went there. But I do remember one of the guys I knew talking about eating at Taco Bell when 'seriously buzzed' and he claimed that was the only time it seemed tolerable...)

fillyjonk said...

("Went there" meaning going to the "place" of talking about throwing up Taco Bell. Not actually going there. I have never eaten at Taco Bell.

If I want fast-food Mexican, there are several better (cleaner, better food) chains in my area).