Saturday, December 30, 2006

i don't normally do this

i dont' normally talk about current events. however, the execution of Saddam Hussein has hit a nerve, and i can't ignore it. i watched a video talking about the execution, and it showed him all the way to them placing the noose around his neck. they said that some arab television was showing pictures of the body, but that they felt they were too graphic for them. in what way is this different from showing the bodies of his sons when they were killed, or the cleric they recently killed? i was seriously and deeply disturbed by this. to me, hanging is a barbaric way of doing things. however, some would argue that execution in general is barbaric. others would quote the "eye for an eye" verse in the bible. somehow, i never thought he'd be executed. it makes me wonder if he will be come a martyr for the Sunnis. something about this just strikes me as wrong.

they put mad dogs down. but humans? i don't know. I suppose part of the odd feeling i have is that he was our version of Hitler, except hitler did himself in before the allied troops could get at him. maybe that was a part of why the nuremburg trials were so crazy. we can't get the main guy, so let's take it out on his minions. except in this case, the minions have already been taking it in the shorts, and just now, the head guy gets it, too.

i don't know.


fitknit said...

Hi Minnie,
I also feel very confused about this. I'm against the death penalty, then look at what he was convicted of doing and I just go around in circles. I'll be making sure my kids don't see that video. I saw it this morning and felt ill.

Alcariel said...

I guess what I don't understand about the whole thing is this. From what I've seen on the news, the Arab world is making it out like it was the US and Bush who executed him. All that we did was find him, then handed him over to his own people to be judged. The US actually took no part in the trial or execution.

Bear said...

The trial and execution was an 'Iraqi issue' simply for appearances. You have to note that one of the two hanged with Saddam was the original judge from 1982 (who passed the sentences that eventually lead to Saddam being hanged...) who contended that the rule of law had been followed in the original trials way back. Unfortunately he was consistently denied access to the original trial transcripts that would have proven his innocence... The transcripts are in American possession...
The other part of this whole trial and execution that REALLY stinks is that he was executed BEFORE the trial begins regarding the gassing of the Kurds, a FAR worse atrocity! There is a lot of speculation that this is because Saddam would be testifying that the gas for the attacks was supplied by the U.S.
At the end of the day, whether you are pro or anti death penalty, pro or anti Saddam or whatever, the world NEEDED to have Saddam alive to answer for ALL the charges against him rather than executing him at a convenient point in the trials (ahead of Ramadan...)