Thursday, December 21, 2006

kilt worm

tonight was gift night. the super secret projects i was working on? this is one of them:
miss lime has been talking about kilt boy & kilt worms forever, so, i decided she needed a kilt worm she could take out in public! and i'm NOT telling you what's under the kilt.

the other super secret project? well, miss vi was having some serious issues in september, so i decided it would be a good idea to make a comfortghan for her. i emailed miss lime, who concurred, and then set out to contact as many active members of the board as i could to see if anybody wanted to help. did they ever! i got all the squares, and then started to go through them and block them as needed. i knit 2 and crocheted one myself, and goosed a few locals about it to get a few more, and assembled it this week. we gave it to her tonight at S&B. needless to say, kleenex was a must.

the good news? i found my camera! it had been in a backpack in my bedroom for months, and when liam's backpack gave out, i gave him that one. he found it in a side pocket looking for pencils! so there are pics. however, the software is at my house. so i'll download the pics of the presentation tomorrow!

and thanks to all so far for the congrats on sean coming home. it is, indeed, the best present i could have.

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