Friday, December 22, 2006


yeah, quite the erudite title, eh?

so, i don't have the camera here at my house, so i will take the software with me, and then dl the pics there.

sean is thrilled, told his teachers, and everybody else he could tell. definitely a happy dance going on there!

and he's going to ADORE christmas. we got him a schwinn sting ray bike for christmas, and i'm going to be evil. mark's living room is very narrow, and we'd fall over the bike, so i'm making sean do a treasure hunt (i've been listening to treasure island too much!). there will be a card under the tree, with a cute little note (i've already figured out what i'm saying), then off to the bedroom to find another note, then down to the basement, then into the garage, where the shining beauty will be hidden. there's no worry about him going in the garage, there's nothing in there to interest him, and he has no clue. it's been hiding in its box in my bedroom for now (oy, no room in there either!). mark is going to take it over to a friend's saturday morning to try to get it put together, cuz he tried to do it tuesday, and that was a disaster. mark is very mechanically inclined, but the forks on this bike are a bit odd. soooooooooooooooooo. . .

liam is getting a big box full of bionicles for his big gift. i know he'll be thrilled.

now toa little review, eh?

7/1-2: Microspun Poncho. it's kinda pretty, but i can't stand microspun. it's horridly splitty stuff.
7/3: Hot Sauce Bottle Covers. this is supposed to be uncle sam, but i think i need to call stitchy in on this one (shudder)
7/4: Katie's Bliss. the designer created this square in honor of her daughter's engagement. i likes it verily, and think will use it often.
7/5-6: I Love a Parade Square. it's a regular square, with a heart in flag style sewn to the outside. ok, i suppose. not a big fan of squares like this, though.
7/7: Scissor Holder. this is cute, but i think you'd have to use tiny scissors. otherwise they would be banging into the chesticles the entire time. unless you hung it somewhere, and what's the point in that?
7/8-10: Textured Treasure. a nice enough doily, but popcorn stitches? that's as bad as knit bobbles to me, ugh.
7/11: Jerrah. this is a nother DUDE square. i likes. nice and solid, but with some interesting texture.
7/12-13: Inspired Scarf. this is pretty. very lacy, and scalloped. it would make a nice gift.
7/14:Universal Cell Hugger. it's cute, but with all the different cell phones out there, i'm sure it's hard to adapt to some of them.
7/15-16: Braggadocio. another dude square. kinda holey though. i think this would be better for ships support or such, it's too holey for kidlets.

and now, i must hie me to mark's house, as i have another gift to finish. oy, does it ever end?


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