Wednesday, December 27, 2006

momma said. . .

there'd be days like this, but damn! at a not so convenient time!

i got up early this morning, and got the kids up because my mother had a pacemaker check at 8 am. this involves me driving over there, the heart place calling, and doing a check over the phone. we got in the car at 735, which gave me plenty of time to get there. click click click. lights dimming. i am NOT a happy camper. i don't recall if i told y'all or not, but about a month ago, i had the same thing happen when i got ready to take liam to school. so i called mark, he came home, took liam to school, then came back so i could take the truck and buy a battery (he doesn't like going to walmart, and i don't mind as a rule). i brought it home, and mark& i put it in. no problem! until this morning.

i have a full warranty that i purchased when i bought the car, because of all the bells and whistles my little darling has, so whatever is wrong should be covered. and since i had been having a few other things go wrong, i went ahead and told him about all those, as well. such as the airbag light kicking on at odd times. the rear windshield wiper stopped functioning to the point that if i hit the button, it flopped straight down. the handle on the middle passenger seat breaking off, so i couldn't get the seat to flip up and make it easier for the boys to get in and out. silly things like that, that i could live with, but needed attention eventually. i think i have a deductible, but that's ok, as long as they fix everything.

the bad part is that Personal Threads here in town is having a sale, and a bunch of us who haunt the limenviolet message board were going to engage in secret handshaking and much credit card abuse. sigh. no can do. so i'm without wheels until mark gets home around 3. and i have a huge pile o'shit in my living room from the van. well, at least this got me to clean the van out, eh?

i'm a lazy blogger, and haven't downloaded the pics i took, so you'll just have to be patient, neh?

you might be a redneck if you think "neighborhood watch" is what your mother-in-law does on the porch all day.
. . . your engine block is cleaner than your stovetop (after christmas dinner? this is a possibility!)
. . . every time you move, the neighbors throw a party.
. . . you think "eating right" means using a knife & fork.
. . . you've used a casserole dish as afoot bath (how about a stock pot?)

that's all i've got for rednecks right now, the rest of the calendar is at my house, and while it's a nice day for december 27th, i'm not going to walk 2 miles in 40 degree weather with two whining teenagers!

i'll catch you up with more later.

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