Friday, December 15, 2006

yes virginia. . .

there is a santa claus. however, he's not doing me any favors, i've still got mad knitting to do.

i took on one more project that i can't talk about here, and i need to have it finished by next thursday. the super secret project needs to be done by next thursday. ACK! i have to have the felted coasters done by next saturday. i still haven't washed the vanilla socks of doom. and the hedgehog is progressing, as i got the brown spun up for the paws. hey JEN! i used the wool she gave me, when she thought it was way too greasy to spin on her wheel. she was right, it was too greasy, but i washed a hank of it, and while it felted slightly, it most definitely spun up quite nicely, and the VM was easy to pick out. one thing i did notice when i washed this stuff; it wanted to float away. i had to be very gingerly with it, but it did stay together. woot!

i'll post a pic later, before i start stitching the little guy's paws.

what i'm reading:

well, i've been going through book tapes like mad lately, so here goes

Praisesong for the Widow by Paule Marshall. i got the recommendation for this book from Crazy Lanea. it's very good so far!
John Adams by David McCullough (booktape at mark's house)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemmingway (booktape in the car)
The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey
Faeries & Nature Spirits: A Beginner's Guide by Teresa Moorey
Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

there's no book tape here at my house mostly because i finished off Dragon's Fire & Call of the Wild yesterday, and since i've only got a few short books left on tape, i'm not bringing one in here til i get to the library.

How's about a few Crocheting Reviews?

6/20: Spiral Flower. very nice. i could see this as an embellishment on a hat or purse, or maybe even done on floral wire in a vase for something kitschy (hush, stitchy mcyarnpants is NOT going to put me in her latest book, lol)

6/21: Morningstar Dishcloth. oooooooooooooo. i like this. it uses up those nagging bits of cotton that you didn't get used up cuz you wanted your dishcloth to be square (but it's always rectangular after you wash it, lol!)

6/22: Morningstar Towel Topper and Coasters. ok. while i like the dishcloth & the coasters, the towel topper is running into stitchy's territory again. hmmm. will have to contemplate that one.

6/23: Serendipity. this is another Crochet Dude square. it's very nice, but also very open. hmmm. maybe a summer blanket? but not for little ones, they'd get their fingers stuck.

6/24-25: Ripple Afghan. this is very nice except for one small detail. actually it's a huge detail. Bobbles. I. CAN. NOT. GUT. BOBBLES. *shudder*. make it without, and it's very nice. nuff said?

6/26: Lacy Kitchen Towel. i don't know what to think about this. it's interesting, but it's perilously close to stitchy material. it's not a towel topper, it's an entire towel. hmmmm. lots of thinking to do this weekend, i can see.

6/27-28: Body Scrubby. from what i can garner, you start with sisal twine as the center of the bit you would use to scrub yourself with. not alot, just 4 rounds or so. then you switch to some silky ribbon yarn. i don't know what to think. isn't sisal pretty scratchy?

6/29-30: Goose Bride. for those of you who have bought the goose to dress, this is perfect. for the rest of us? OH stitchy! it is kinda cute though, and at least they didn't use expensive yarn on it, lol.

and on that note, i must flee. i've got 2 30% off coupons from borders burning holes in my pockets, and since the boys have both picked expensive books, i'm going to go down there while the getting is good (it's only good til the 18th!)


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