Thursday, December 14, 2006

alas, fair maiden. . .

this stinks. this reeks. this is not right. they're shutting down the renaissance faire. this striketh me as most foul!

they tried to shut the fair down 2 years ago, when iowa western community college stopped hosting it. they moved it to west fair, a concert and fair venue east of of the school. however, i had overheard a conversation while the fair was still at IWCC. i don't know who these gentlemen were, but they looked like they worked there. they said something about the bean counters were going to kill this. and they did. fuckers.

yes, i'm very upset. now, in order to see all the fair folk, i'll have to travel much further. i think the closest one that's any good is in near kansas city. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

i want my dragons, and princesses, and trolls, and kings, and queens, and jongleurs, and jokers, and friars.

a friend of mine was friar tuck at the fair. i'm sure he's devastated.

We biddest thee adieu, fair faire.


Anonymous said...

OK, I know it won't be the same and it is about 400 miles away, but please come and see our Ren Fest. I moved to MN from NE about 23 years ago and we went to the Ren Fest then and haven't missed one since. Hope you consider it.
Cathy in MN

Snarled Yarns said...

Ther's supposed to be one this april in Nebraska city..At least that's what the man told me when he invited me to come a few months ago...
I once had a scottsman show me what he wore under his kilt and I slipped in my own drool. I shall miss the fair..That royally sucketh!