Friday, December 15, 2006

here ya go!

this is the yarn i got from jen's wool. it's not as soft as merino, but it definitely spins up pretty!
it's a little bit lighter than this, but not by much. still, quite nice.

and now, since the redneck calendar is over here:

you might be a redneck if any dog can follow your scent. (eww!)
. . . you carry more than one spare tire (does that count the one around the middle?)
. . . your wife's boss paid for her boob job (cue sleazy strip music)
. . . your wife serves Cheetos as a vegetable.
. . . you have a time-share on a Trans Am (that's not redneck, that's desperate!)
. . . you've paid for a car with quarters.
. . . you've had your dog photographed at Glamour Shots.
. . . your favorite dessert is Rolaids.
. . . your truck won't fit through the bank's drive-thru.
. . . there's no mirror in your bathroom (that could also qualify you as a vampire, ya know!)
. . . you think "showing a girl a good time" means letting her bait the hook.
. . . you get a speeding ticket while towing another vehicle.
. . . your wife knows how to operate a backhoe (gee, does she have 40 acres, too?)

ok, i'll let y'all go back to your lives now. i'll be torturing you later.

1 comment:

puck said...

i hope the roving didn't grease up your wheel too much. did you wash it before spinning or afterward? (or both?) i can't wait to see it in person in yarn form.