Sunday, December 10, 2006


ok, carin, are you happy now? the toe has been kitchenered on the final vanilla sock of doom!
mark and i cleaned the bedroom out today, and i found it (but not my camera, so it HAS to be at my house), and it cried at me. ok, ok. so now i gotta wash them (the other one has some mocha coffee creamer on it, lol)

however, i finished a few other things first, t oday.

i finished sean's hat! he's thrilled with it, and i think it's cute:
i did have to frog about 2 inches in the wide turquoise/teal area yesterday, because somehow i ended up picking up extra stitches, but that was quickly rectified. yes, the ties are pink. but it's a manly pink (sean agrees, lol).
i also started and finished these today:
yes, they are tiny. the AC4C project this month is for an NICU in Las Vegas, and these are 2 1/2" long along the sole. i had some baby-colored sock looking yarn, and used size 2 needles. however, i had to alter the pattern, because the way it was written, with this itty bitty yarn, they would have been 1 3/4" long. they don't put booties on preemies that tiny. they are cute, though, aren't they?

ok, i'm done. i'm tired, and i'm fighting a sock pattern. well, actually, the sock pattern looks fine so far (i'm test knitting a pattern) but i had a major brain fart, and left out two entire rows, and since i'm lousy at picking sock yarn back up, i just frogged the whole shooting match (i only had about an inch and a half, anyway).


Alcariel said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *does the happy kitchener dance* I'm about ready to do the same thing to my first "ugly sock". Then I'm going to pick through my sock yarn to find something to do Miss Lime's pattern in.

AR said...

I love the kitchener stitch! hehe

Your knitting looks great. Love the hat especially..

lori said...

love Sean's hat. :) very cool.