Wednesday, December 06, 2006

original pic

ok, mark was able to retrieve the picture i wanted, and here it is!
the color isn't completely accurate, although it's close. the blues are more teal. and i've started the hat. sean and i did discuss it this afternoon, and he decided he wanted an earflap hat, which i have started. i think i may actually submit this pattern to the knit calendar for 2008. completely made up on my own, with short row ear flaps.

how about some red neck?

you might be a redneck if most things you enjoy carry a surgeon general's warning.
. . . you've ever missed work because of chigger bites (or skeeter bites?)
. . . your last 3 cars were auctioned off by the police.
. . . the only plane you ever saw was spraying pesticide.
. . . every pair of shorts you own used to be pants (that's not redneck, that's economical!)
. . . you've ever hot-wired a motel vibrating bed (um, yeah.)
. . . you blow your nose and check your oil using the same rag (which one comes first? my engine is cringing!)
. . . you know how many dogs will fit in a Dodge Challenger.
. . . you've ever run more than a mile in ankle restraints.
. . . the key to your city is a handcuff key.
. . . police have ever opened your front door with a battering ram.
. . . your truck has 12 bumper stickers but no inspection sticker (i'm in nebraska, we don't do inspections!)
. . . the only words you say in court are "i dunno."
. . . you think "recipe for disaster" has something to do with your wife's chili (burn, baby, burn!)
. . . your kids attend your high school graduation (as an aside, i saw on the national news tonight some guy in kenya is 86 years old and attending 3rd grade! when they announced that they were going to have free public schools, he went to the school, and asked to be allowed to attend, as he had never been to school. they refused him 4 times, and when the first day of school came, he showed up in clothing approximating the school uniform. at that point they gave up, and let him attend. he says he wants to make life better for his 15 year old grandson who lives with him (and attends the same school) and he wants to get his PhD. go, man go!)

now, i'll quit talking your ear off, and go.

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DenverYarnHo said...

That yarn is beautiful! Also I had never thought of short rows for earflaps, genius!