Thursday, December 28, 2006

i am so pissed off

see this?
this is herbie. herbie hedgehog. when he's done, he'll have a big N on his chest (since this is for a little husker fan). however, he's not done yet. you ask why? look closely at the bottom of the picture. see that dangling bit of red eyelash? yeah, that one. I RAN OUT OF EYELASH. oy. the pattern calls for 100 yards. i had over 110. not enough. i've also got over 200 yards of handspun, and the pattern calls for165 yds of the main wool. it's gonna be close, let me tell ya.Edit: I had 5 yards left! i am bound and determined to finish this little bugger tonight, so i ran to walmart and bought ONE ball of red eyelash. that was it. and i had to wait in line! at 1020! what the hell is up with that?

anyway, here's what else i've been working on this week:
this is the 5 hour baby sweater (which took me about 7 total) in the boy version, my usual hat, with some earflaps added because i was afraid it was too short, and my usual baby bootie pattern.

ok, i'll catch y'all later, i've got a herbie to finish.

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AR said...

Herbie is going to be so cute. All the stores here are packed from opening to closing. Yuck!

I love the baby set. It's so cute!