Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i'm tired

and the kids are driving me crazy. is it january 8th yet? however, i now know i have definitely married the right man, because when he came home from work at 3, he looked at me, who was frazzled, and angry, and about to blow a fuse, and said "go spin. take the truck now, and go!" and i had just been thinking "i need a break. remind me to tell mark i'm gonna be gone for a little bit." what a guy.

ok, it looks like things are not absolutely fantastic with the van, but they aren't horrid either. unfortunately, i was lied to when i bought my warranty. "this will cover everything that could go wrong with your car, barring standard maintenance (which to me is oil change, battery, and tires). HAH! apparently i need new motors for my sliding doors, at $700 a piece (there's 2), and i need a new cabin filter at $98, and i need a new tire (i will definitely take care of that) at $135, and i need new frameworks for the middle seats, at $450 a seat (two of those, too). none of which is covered by my warranty. about the only good thing is that my deductible is only $100. it was the starter, which is covered. also, my power outlet needs rewired, which is covered. and my rear windshield wiper motor needs replaced, which is covered, however the arm and blade are not ($65). so, i figger about $200 total for now. i'll deal with the door motors later, when the credit card has slightly recovered from christmas, and probably one at a time. needless to say, the boys got the riot act, because they've been messing with the doors because they're automatic AND FUN TO PLAY WITH. oy. new rule. nobody, and i mean nobody, is allowed to use the automatic door openers, unless it's an emergency, and I DETERMINE THE EMERGENCY. damned kids.

ok, i'm calmer now.

how's about a little review?

7/17: Blues 'n Greens Teen Top #1. this is extremely similar to the others, and once again, unless the girls are defying gravity, it ain't happenin' here.

7/18: Bump City Bag. this is cute. it's made with slubby cotton, andi f you want it really slubby, you leave the purl side out.

7/19: Extended Twin Rib Dishcloth. it's funny, according to the sheet, this is recommended as an over all pattern for a sweater, cardigan or scarf. hmmmm. didn't this say dishcloth? it would work, though.

7/20: Maria's Cardigan. abo8ut the only goood thing i can say is that this is sized from small to XL. damned near a non-pattern.

7/21: Panorama Socks. these are lace socks, and they look quite pretty (if i could type! oy, backspace key is my friend!). looks like a 5x3 rib with some yo's tossed in for flavor.

7/22-23: Fresh Tank Top. another yarn-named pattern. can't someone come up with something more original, like "simple tank top" or maybe "summer fling?" it's 2x2 ribbing. blah.

7/24-25: Marika. this one is cool. you can double strand it with two yarns, or not, and it actually has two distinct versions. tres cool !

7/26: Party Necktie. named for the yarn. oy. and it looks pretty bulky under the collar too. sorry gang, not feeling the love, here.

7/27-28: One Piece Bathing Suit. this says that cascade fixation is perfect for this! news flash gang. if it's knit, it WILL sag. now, granted there are bikinis etc in naughty knits, but one, i'm not knitting any right now for this saggy flabby bit of ick, and two, i bloody well wouldn't swim in them, even if i DID have the bod for it!

7/29-30: Bluebird Ornament. wish i had known about this earlier, i would have made a few of these for christmas (hush up, i know if i had been doing these on time, i would have known earlier)

7/31: Lace in Ribs. a very pretty over all pattern. maybe i'll make a scarf with this, from some handspun i'm working on right now. tempting. i also think this would make a nice baby summer blanket.

and now, folks, i have to go back. i got supper simmering on the stove (we're having feather bones, and they gotta simmer first, to prevent toughness.) TTFN!

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