Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ok, ok

it seems that the picture of sean's yarn may take a bit. i asked mark to scan it for me last night, and he sent it to me in an email. however, it saved as a bitmap, which i can't use here. i'm going to have to see if he saved it on the puter (at his house, i'm on my puter right now, lol). so, no pics yet.

however, i've been busy. i'm working on a super secret project, and it's coming together nicely. i'm also making a hat for dulaan, and i found some cute sockweight baby yarn to make booties for AC4C. this month's project is a NICU unit in Las Vegas, and they need tons of preemie stuff. also in the works is fingerless mitts for mark's dad, and a dog sweater for my SIL's itty bitty. i can't remember what breed it is right off, except it's normally long haired, and sherril had it shaved because she didn't want to hassle with it.

WEBS is dangerous. you know that? i get emails from them, and normally i just delete them without opening, so i'm not tempted. well, guess what happened. i have my email set up to open the next email if i delete one, and webs popped up. i'm a baaaaaaaaaaaad girl. i ordered yarn. not too much, but still. i think i really have SABLE, and have been trying to restrain myself, but oy!

how's about some pattern reviews?
we'll do crochet this time.

5/26: Easy Elegance Poncho. this is cute, but i thought ponchos were so two years ago?
5/27-28: Tall Beaded Candle Cozy. this is pretty. dunno if i'd ever use it, but pretty, still.
5/29-30: Artisan Hat. this almost looks like those hats you see them wear in afghanistan or such place. i may use it for dulaan or A4A.
5/31: City Slicker Scrunchie. this uses 2 ponytail holders, and is very interesting. might be something to send to somewhere like PRR.
6/1-2: Flower Pillow. this is cute. would be nice for a girl's room.
6/3-4: Crochet Sling Chair. this is cute, and uses an interesting material to make it. it's made with kitchen cotton twine, like what you'd use to truss a bird. the tough part would be finding the chair frame.
6/5: Maggie's Square. this is one of the Dude's for his afghan. nice solid square. i could see using it for something like the project i'm working on now, so little fingers don't get caught in the holes.
6/6: Posie Motif Star. this looks like it uses bullion stitch, and is nice, but a bit too holey for most of my purposes.
6/7: Cro-Tat Photo Album. very pretty, but i don't think i'd do it myself.
6/8: Zig-Zag Dishcloth. looks very interesting. something i may have to check out.
6/9: Wedding Bell. very pretty, but kinda useless. another chatchke to collect dust.
6/10-11: Bridal Garter. another pretty pattern that i had contemplated for the wedding, but ran out of time (oy!)
6/12-13: Wandith. another dude square, and very pretty, but awfully holey.
6/14: Boy's American Flag Sweater. this is cute. might be a thought for Dulaan, except i'd leave off the stars.
6/15-16: Kauai Pineapple Lace. very pretty, would make a nice edging. there's a picture on the back with it done in different colors. very nice.

ok, i'm off like a herd of turtles.

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Riin said...

Wow, I didn't think anyone but my mother said "off like a herd of turtles" (well, and me, since I picked it up from her...). I've NEVER heard anyone else say it!