Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

now that's an original title.

we're ending the year in a frenzy of Rachet & Clank Going Commando. no Dick Clark. no Times Square. just all video games all the time. i'm waiting for sean to get a cramp in his gaming thumb, lol. liam isn't playing, but he's sure dishing out the advice!

mark died 3 hours ago, lol. the "light snack" he had was too much for him, and he fell asleep way too earlier. he usually makes it until 9.

i'm going to go in the bedroom and try to listen to a little tv over mark's snores in a few minutes, but i thought you might want to see this:
Herbie's done! needle felting the nose was tough, because i could not keep enough stuffing in it to keep it firm enough to make it easy. the N was a little easier because i could pull his little tummy out and have something a little firmer to deal with. i guess herbie had been doing his crunches.

mark insists that we allow his nephew to name this little guy, but he'll always be herbie in my heart.

and we had a strange experience today. this funny white stuff started falling from the sky, and there were dire predictions of slick roads. i think it was . . . . snow?
liam was trying to juggle snowballs, lol. sean has a little tiny one that he kept putting in his mouth (ew! don't eat omaha snow!), and licking. by the time he came in, it was an ice ball. good thing he didn't throw it at anyone!

and i want to thank ina from the ABC along (i know, iw as atotal bum after I)
she sent this in the mail:
i found a small box in my mail with RAOK for a return address, then opened it to find 2 packages of lovely christmas cookies (my boys thank you!) and a sweet little card. after a difficult, tiring day, this definitely made my day. ya just gotta love knitters. they give, even if it's not yarn.

here's hoping you have a happy and safe new years, and that all your hopes, dreams & wishes for 2007 come true.


fitknit said...

Happy New Year to you and your's Minnie. I love Herbie!

Maryellen said...

Happy new Year. Herbie's cute. You could always make one for yourself that can be named anything you want. Thnks for the comment about the beast. I'm glad it's finished and i can move onto something fun.

AR said...

Herbie is so cute! Yuck, snow. I hope we don't get any all winter!

Happy New Year back at 'cha!

lori said...

Herbie looks so much better now than in that previous roadkill shot. :P

snow? i've forgotten what snow is like... remarkable after moving to Ontario from BC. :P i'm sure we'll get a reality check sometime. we aren't in Florida, afterall, even if it feels like it.

happy 2007. :)