Thursday, May 03, 2007

wouldn't you just figure

i am slated to get an afternoon to myself, and i have to forgo it because mark has to work late. growl. i was going to spend the afternoon spinning, then go to S&B. crap. at least i know they won't keep him TOO late, and i'll still get to go. now it's just a matter of whether or not i'll get to go over to my house before i go or not.

and yes, i'm posting from mark's puter. it had major surgery, and now i can post from his puter again. no pics, cuz i loaded the camera software on my puter (no sense in putting it on both!), so you'll just have to be patient.

i have a feeling liam is going to fail 8th grade. he let his homework fall behind AGAIN, and i'm so sick of this. he's got 15 days of school left, and i highly doubt he can catch up at this time. i don't understand. why not just do the work? right now his video games and tv for the SUMMER are riding on him passing, and i honestly don't think it's going to happen! as it is, i talked to his counselor at the middle school, and she told me about a program that the high school was doing (credit recovery they call it! what happened to summer school?), and i filled out the paperwork as soon as i received it in the mail, and i think liam is in. i spoke to the dean of students from the high school today, and he said that more than likely liam would be in (there were only 60 open spots, for an incoming freshman class of over 300! (and that figure may be low!)) as i had physically handed it to the office at the high school, rather than mail it in (and i'll tell you what! i had to park 2 1/2 blocks away and walked to the school. it wasn't the 2 1/2 blocks that killed me, it was the fact that it was ALL UP HILL! (i'm getting too fat, sigh)). he's also in for a busy summer band-wise. i got a letter from the band instructor at the high school, and they are doing stuff ALL SUMMER LONG! they're having a meeting on may 31, then practicing for some marching engagement 3 days in july, and then having a week long band camp to focus on the marching in august. and his middle school is having a band camp as well. i'm going to be hearing trombone all summer long.

speaking of trombone, liam's spring concert was last week. this kid is amazing with this horn. he just started last august, having only picked up an instrument for one week in the 4th grade (the school he was attending was trying to pump up band numbers by having younger kids enroll, but they weren't coordinated enough to make it work, so i ended up taking the trombone back (shout out for dietz music, here! they not only let me take the trumpet back, they refunded ALL of my money, because of the school's decision!)). after one semester, his teacher decided to move him to advanced band. eighth grade advanced band. with the kids who have been playing since 5th grade. it's the only class he's getting a good grade in, sigh. and he's the only trombone player in the 8th grade advanced class, lol. when they were playing, i could definitely pick his parts out, lol. mark intends on working with him on his trombone all summer long as well, and teach him to pick out notes by ear. he's already learned half of iron man (yes, my kid is a metal head, just like his mama, lol)

and go read this.

i wanna be her when i grow up. i have always loved to learn. when i was in junior high, i cried the last day of school, because it was ending. in fact, right now i'm fighting the urge to go enroll at metropolitan community college, and take a few classes just for snips & sniggles. that's where i got my culinary arts degree, and i enjoyed it. in fact, i think my cook whites might just still fit (they make those things amazingly baggy, lol!) who knows. i just know i love to learn.

and (drumroll please!)


there will be a fiber festival here in the omaha metro area May 11-13.

It's the Bellevue Fiber Festival
Friday: 3-6 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
It's at the VFW hall @ 2108 Franklin ST (gotta love google maps!)

there will be food provided, so if you want to just come and hang out, need to pick up something, or take a couple of classes..stop by (tonya's words. thanks tonya, i'll be there!)

anyway, i must dash. i've got a few things i can do while i wait the hubbie's return.



Alcariel said...

Sorry that I missed you guys tonight. It sounded like a great group!

TitaniumRose said...

What classes, if any, are you taking at the festival? I'm totally intrigued by the silk one. And I took off work Friday afternoon to be there. I'm so excited!