Sunday, April 29, 2007


mark's puter has been wigging out, so i haven't been downloading pics. however, i finally caved, and put the software on this one.

so, here we go!
This bit of lovliness is lisa souza's elektra, superwash, spun up navajo-ply. and yes, you're seeing correctly, that is sockweight. i had to spin it froghair fine to get that kind of weight, lol. i got 338 yards, which, hopefully, will be enough for my former secret pal hanna, from the L&V yarn Pron exchange, to make a pair of socks. i almost kept it myself!

This is Sari. It's spun from a batt carded by Miss Violet, just before her huge update to etsy last week. i actually helped skein and tag some of that yarn, because there was SOOOOOOOOOO much of it. and y'all know how fast that sold out. good grief, i'm surprised they didn't break etsy! this is 90 yards of bulky weight thick & thin (not too thin, lol) domestic wool, with angelina for sparkle. the inspiration for this was an indian sari, with the angelina being the sparkly embroidery you always see on them. this will be going up on my etsy site (gimme time, lol)

This little lovely is from pigeon roof studios. Krista just does lovely work, and i love spinning her stuff. This is 101 yards of bulky spun called Laura. it's very soft & squishy. i LOVED spinning this up. while it doesn't look much like it now, there was lots of white in the roving. i love spinning with bits of white, because it introduces so many fascinating shades.

This was dyed, again, by Miss Violet. I don't have a name for it, cuz she didn't, either, lol. I've thought about calling it purple haze, as there's quite a bit of hazy purple in it, but this pic doesn't show it off very well. i won't be posting this til i figure out a name, and a better pic. This skein is 116 yards of bulky weight.
This is the second skein o the same stuff. it actually shows a tiny bit more of the purple, but still not enough. sigh. This one is 81 yards of bulky weight.

And on the Mark front, he's doing very well. He's using the patch, which seems to be helping immensely. He did confess that he had ONE cigarette yesterday afternoon, after his friend left (he helped mark fix the lawn mower), and before we got home, just cuz he was curious if it would give him a buzz. not only did it not do that, it didn't taste good either, and he didn't enjoy it. That's a good start! cross your fingers!

And now i must dash, i've got yarn to spin, and a boy to goose (liam's mowing, and he's not terribly happy about it, especially since he was told if he didn't finish by 1 (he's been at it since 10), sean would come over later and finish it, and get part of liam's pay for it!)


Biby Cletus said...

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TitaniumRose said...

Beautiful yarn, as always. Hope you're getting a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather we're having!

Snarled Yarns said...

Hey! The Bellevue Fiber festival is May 11-13th friday 3-6, sat and sun 9-6. It's held at the VWF hall on Franklin st in old town Bellevue.
We just got word that there will be food provided, so if you want to just come and hang out, need to pick up something, or take a couple of classes..stop by!