Saturday, April 21, 2007

i was going to

i was going to show you the new yarn i'd just finished and put up on my etsy site, so you could drool, and maybe dream of buying it.

here they are:

Pictures 008this is the first skein of adele, by deb over at dudleyspinner. it's 395 yards of two-ply in approximately sock-sport weight.

Pictures 007this i named adele II, mostly because it was from the same roving, but just a smaller skein. it's 205 yards. yes, that means i got 600 yards out of 7 1/2 oz of roving. not bad eh? however, you can't see them on my etsy site. why? BECAUSE I SOLD THEM! i offered a $5 discount if someone purchased both, and not only did she purchase both, she purchased both my goblin elbows as well! woohoo, it's official! i'm a seller!

gotta scoot, need to make more yarn for my adoring fans (cough, choke)


lori said...

poo. make more, make more! like i need more sock yarn, but that is YUMMY and i want some...

TitaniumRose said...

WHOO HOO! Congrats!!! The yarn is beautiful, I'm sure you'll have more lovely things to come.