Friday, April 13, 2007

a few thoughts

i know, that's frightening, me thinking.
in response to an anonymous comment left, i did offer to overnight his meds to her when i got back home. he would have had them in plenty of time for any kind of trip they would have liked to do. she decided to go without. her decision. i asked if she was sure, and she said yes. as mom, i could have argued, but there is no arguing with this woman. no changing her mind. and that's all i'm saying.

what, exactly is meant by "free?" like laundry soap. i bought some tide free, because it was on sale. and it's kind of weird stuff. it's clear. it's thinner than regular tide. and it has an odd chemical smell. i feel sorry foranyone who HAS to use this stuff. it's not a terribly pleasant experience (and i'll be hitting that sale a little earlier next t ime, lol)

and here's a couple more pics!
me & the harloti think stephanie is such a blur because she was nodding that she recognized the email i was telling her. she was definitely moving!

me &the harlotand dueling socks. see, i told you i'd just finished turning the heel!

here's the last two items that i donated to ABC in michigan. you've already seen the crocheted bags, and while i did donate the blankets, i didn't make them, so they don't count towards my charity crafting count.

Minniethat camoflauge bag was the bane of my existence, i'll tell you. i don't know if it was cheap thread, or the wrong needle, or what, but my sewing machine broke the needle that was in it, so i changed it, and i couldn't sew zigzag, because the thread would break. i couldn't turn corners because the thread would break. and sometimes, the thread just broke. Mom has told me who she takes her machines to (she used to own an alteration shop), so, when i get a chance, we're off to see the wizard. i hope it's not much, just needing a tune up, and maybe a new belt? cross your fingers, this sewing machine is well over 20 years old. it was my grandmother's.
and, apparently, i don't have the pic of beth & i downloaded on mark's computer either, so i wasn't able to put them on flickr. i'll try tonight, as well as pics of my wonderful package from my secret pal from the L&V Pron swap. goodness, the reveal is sunday! good thing my sendee is understanding, and i've let her know part of her package is going to be late! i'm going to mail part of it this afternoon, so she'll get some CLOSE to the reveal date, lol.
and now, to clean my house. mark & his friend are coming over sunday to finally fix the sump pump, so i can start using my washing machine again, and do some decent felting! i gotta get some purses done!


lori said...

both you and Stephanie look wonderful. :) how do you get all that hair up on your head like that? it looks awesome. (mine up just makes my head look bigger lol).

fillyjonk said...

"Free" in re: laundry detergent means no ink, no dye, no perfume...not even perfumes that "cover up" any other smells.

I used the "free" detergents for a while but then I discovered Method Home - which doesn't make me itch even though it has a scent to it. It's expensive but to me it's worth it.

My chemical sensitivities are funny; they're not across the board. Some scents and some dyes drive me crazy and others don't seem to bother me. So I have to keep experimenting (and I HATE IT when a company discontinues or reformulates a line that I had just found I could use)

Michelle said...

You look awesome! I have to admit, I'm shy as all get-out and tend to head in the opposite direction when faced with the opportunity of meeting someone of interest. It's great to live vicariously through others! ROTFL!

Lynne said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a great time seeing the harlot - in Denver I presume?
So that is what free means. Obvious when I think about it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Minnie!
So much fun to stand in line with you!
Here's the url for my baby blog

don't expect much yet-it's an infant blog.