Thursday, April 19, 2007

ok, here we go

first off, how's about the pics of my stuff from my secret pal from the L&V Pron exchange: vintagechica rocks! Pictures 001 what you're seeing is 4 skeins of Mystical Creations silk/wool combo (who knows what i'm going to make with them, but right now they're being petted!), a box of choxie (it's target's upscale chocolate) dark chocolate truffles, a pack of knitter's notes (i love these things! i use them with every exchange i do!), a large bar of ghirardelli dark chocolate (i know that's not spelled right, BUT I DON'T CARE!), a really cool notebook that will go in my bag for yarn notes (i'm coming up with handspun colorways, just wait, they're tres cool (what's up with the french?)), and the book title i bloody well hope you can read! however, i don't have any spindles! tara has promised to make me a top whorl, which is what this book covers, and i'm going to give spindles a shot. belive it or not, i've never used a spindle before. started out immediately on a wheel. what isn't shown is a set of candles in the yummiest flavors! i can't remember them all, but i think my favorite is vanilla amber. yummy!

i finished the harlot socks, but i don't have pics of the finished product, so you'll just have to live with this:

Pictures 003These were done with schoeller esslinger's Merino Soft, which is sport weight, which was obtained from tiffany (forgive me if i spelled your name wrong) when she was destashing in preparation for moving from the marriage from hell. i like this yarn! this is the horcrux worsted pattern, but because the yarn was sport weight, they came out sized for a younger child. maybe 6 or 7? these are going in the dulaan box. and the best part? it only took one ball of yarn (i got to count 142 yards towards my marathon total! i still haven't hit a mile yet, but i'm getting closer!)

these are the squares i've been crocheting for this month's AC4C charity (which just happens to be dulaan!) i'll be mailing these off to the joiner at the end of the month. i actually have 2 more done, and one on the way, but no pics of those yet.

Pictures 004 ok, y'all wanna see something very funny?

Pictures 005mark got contacts, and sean found mark's glasses in the bathroom, so he had to put them on. looks kinda bug-eyed, don't he! (how's that for bad grammar, norma?) and then there's this:
Pictures 006liam is a clown, and my uber-goober child. and yes, those eyes are crossed, lol.

as for the rest, well, i was a bad girl yesterday. mark stayed home sick, so i came straight here after dropping the kids off at school, and i spun for FIVE hours. i had a mission, and dammit, i wanted that roving off my bobbins! it's done, and you'll see it, after i send it off. it's a present! and it's very nice!

needless to say, my right ankle is still kicking me for that much spinning. is there such a thing as spinner's heel? my right achilles tendon says "hey!" every time i go up or down stairs, but it's not pain, so much as soreness. it already feels much better than it did last night. and i only spun for half an hour this morning, too. i'll just have to watch it next time, and get up a little more often. however, i did work up a sweat, so i suppose that counts as exercise, right?

ok, i have tons of stuff to do before i dash up to blair for court again, so i'll catch y'all on the flip side!

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Snarled Yarns said...

Don't feel bad, I get sore shoulders from knitting, sore ankles from spinning, sore hands and wrists from it all.
But that doesn't stop us now does it? What us obsessed? NAH!