Friday, April 13, 2007

blankets & sweaters

ok, ok, i still owe a few pics. hang on.jen's blanket

this is THE blanket. in order from the green toward the turquoise, the knitters who helped with this:




dark blue-carin

lighter blue-tara

turquoise-glenda (owner of touche)

and here's the sweater:
baby sweater for jen
both blanket & sweater were made with the original cotton-ease. some of these colors have been discontinued.
hey, deawn, i have a better picture of the sweater with you in it. how much you give me to not post it?


Dez Crawford said...

Great blanket!

Saw your post on Crazy Aunt Purl and would like to offer a suggestion to find your missing diamond from your ring:

On a DRY night, turn off ALL the lights near the screen door (house lights, porch lights, etc. Let your eyes adjust to the light and carefully search the grounds -- from several different angles -- for approximately a 20-foot radius around the door (including the door itself, look into crevices, molding, etc., as well as the threshhold and doorjamb.)

Also look inside the room near the door in the dark (inside of chair cushions, down on the rug, shine the light under chairs or couches, etc).

The stone should sparkle madly in the light.

This tip I picked up from my Mom who would douse all the lights and inspect the floor with a flashlight whenever a glass was broken -- amazing how many shards you find!

Hope this helps!

Dez (

puck said...

thanks for posting these pics! i got some pics from judith, but need to re-format them so my blog will take them, they are way too big right now.
i can't believe how big i look, we haven't taken many pics of me during the pregnancy and it is weird to see myself in a photo...even though i live with my big belly everyday...haha
i have some thank you cards for you guys and hope to see you all this thursday. but i hope you know how much it means that you all took the time to make something for the baby; it really is very special.
anyway, it shouldn't be too much longer now, the baby has dropped and is now in my pelvis....right on top of my bladder, thank you, and pushing against the inside of my tailbone. we want to be at least 36 weeks for lung development, so we need to make it at least 2 more weeks......and then we'll have a BABY! AHHHH!
anyway, hope to see ya thursday

deawn said...

well, I can hook you up with some fleece artist sea silk, if it means anything to you...

(I'll deliver it to you in person, within two weeks!)