Thursday, May 24, 2007

i am a bum

i know i haven't been posting much lately. i haven't been doing a ton. i've been busy spinning for crown mountain farms, and packing, and doing a little knitting. i've also been working for ms. vi part time, which, amazingly enough, seems to eat a large part of my daytime while mark and the boys are gone. i suppose i'd better get over the habit of not doing anything once they get home. i don't get enough done. in fact, i should be packing, rather than talking to y'all. however, i'm not thinking about that right now.

what have i been working on? i've been doing this. ravelry is really, really cool! go see what i've been doing!

other than that? bleh.

Dancing with the Stars was fun to watch. I'll miss it over the summer. I need to see if they're coming to omaha again for their live tour. They were here in january, and i wanted to go, but decided i couldn't spare the money at that time. i really can't now, either, but hey. ya gotta live!

The honeymoon has been postponed again. This time it's cuz mark's dad has been ill lately, and while they are doing tests to figure out what is going on, we don't want to burden them with trying to to take care of the boys, so we've put it off again. Good-bye, Fold! i may get there someday!

Here's the pain in the tuckus part. My brother and his wife MAY be renewing their vows at christmas time this year. they live near savannah, georgia. If they do this, it will be around christmas time. Add that to the fact that the last few times we've seen them, they came here. They've been here 3 times, including the wedding. It's our turn. But do you think i can get mark to put it down on the board? growl!

anyway, i gotta get back to packing, sigh. i'm off like a herd of turtles

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BeccaU said...

*jealous* of your ravelry account! :) patience, I guess.