Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm having a bit of fun. I joined, which is a free service. you register, and ask for addresses to send post cards to, and when they're received, your name gets put in, and then you get post cards back. i've gotten them from china, germany (twice), the netherlands, the phillipines, lithuania, south africa, the us (west virginia, ohio and utah), and the last from spain. i actually replied to her in a small amount of spanish, let's see how she responds, lol.

i'm enjoying this. i've got odd postcards from interesting areas. and i'm keeping them. much to mark's chagrin, lol. right now, i've gotten 12, so my collection fits in one drawer of the desk. i've been going to the local bookstore, and getting nebraska postcards from there. however, their collection is kind of limited (a lot of them from the mormon cemetary up the street (they ARE the winter quarters bookstore, lol). i need to go to the zoo, and get some cool ones there.

the best part? all it costs me is the cost of the postcard AND postage. it's 97 cents to mail international, and 27 to mail in the us. wheeeeee!


mama said...

I like postcrossing too !

Mama from
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Maryellen said...

I like the idea of postcrossing I think I'll sign up too. I just realized what the name of your blog means. Now I knew what it meant before but it didn't have petrsonnel signifacance to me until this year. My daughter Amand has the dragonology book form last Christmas. now she needs the game the stuffed animals the firld guides the novels. She wants anything and everything having to do with dragons. She's know dragon mad too.

Kit said...

I didn't know you lived so close to Winter's Quarters. I used to go there because, doy, Mormon. Too bad I missed you every time I went and now I'm in Utah.

That does sound like fun though. :D