Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remind me

I didn't craft at all yesterday. It was a bad day after I got home from Miss Violet's. The school called, and Sean got suspended again. This is his 5th suspension (and we still haven't finished the semester yet). I won't go into why, except he needs to learn to control his mouth.

It was a tense afternoon, and evening. Sean was absolutely livid when he got home, as was Mark. While dinner went well, there were specific tensions. Sean asked for ice cream, and I decided that he could have an ice cream sandwich, rather than the last of the drumsticks. That pissed him off, so he went upstairs rather than have any. Mark got bent out of shape, and went to bed.

Then Sean came down and proceeded to puke for an hour. He'd get up, puke, then lay on the floor in the bathroom. I won't go any further than that, for those of you who are a bit sensitive stomach-wise. He fell asleep on the bathroom floor, claiming he was going to stay in there for the night. I finally woke him up around 9, and he decided he felt a little better, and could go upstairs after all.

With a bunch of other stuff going on (in case y'all didn't know, I'm the Managing Editor for the Daily Chum, and i was working on some major stuff (watch that space after Thanksgiving. you'll love it!), and ended up not touching fiber or needles, and going to bed at 11:30.

Today, I picked up my crochet (AC4C are asking for strips to piece into blankets, as they're faster to join, for the Pine Ridge Reservation), and after 3 stitches, I could feel the peace and harmony flooding through me.

So, do me a favor. If you see me on Plurk howling about insanity, or if i bitch here about the nuttiness that can be and is being the mother of highly intelligent children (not to mention Sean's other issues), ask me if i've picked up any fiber. Doesn't matter what, be it spinning, knitting, or crocheting (not sewing, though, that causes me more stress). Remind me. I need it.


Dee said...

Do I get to beat you if you don't? Mwahahaha

Anonymous said...

Aww, I wish I was there to give you a gigantic hug. I recommend wearing a skein of yarn around your neck, and stuff roving in your pockets.

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

*HUGS* Fiber is good for you.