Monday, June 26, 2006

thank you

you guys are fantastic. i've had more emails with comments telling me to hang on, it will get better, or that i will get better, and i think i've had more cyber hugs than i believed possible.

i promise more knitting stuff soon. however, my puter is still acting up (amazing it came up tonight!) so i'm working on backing all my stuff up, and then the axe will fall, and i'm wiping this sucker & starting over.

as for sean, he's doing well at the hospital. we had a meeting on friday, and determined the best path for him at this point is theraputic foster care. so he won't be home for a while. sigh. he was not happy about it, and still isn't, but understands that this is the best choice for & by him. and the nursing staff has promised that i will be involved in every step of his care & transfer, when the time comes. it's still hard to leave him there every evening, but i know it's for the best. i'd much rather do this now, than bail him out of juvie when he's 16.

liam is handling this well. in fact, i think he's enjoying the one on one time he's had with mark & me, since the focus has been on sean for so long. it' s never intentional to ignore the well-behaving child, but when so much of your energy is focused on the "bad" child, the "good" one falls by the wayside. and i've learned something very interesting about liam, as well. he's always been a talker, but now i think he talks more when he's nervous or upset. he's been talking ALOT the last week. i'm ready to ask him to write down what he's thinking, for 2 reasons. reason 1: it's a good exercise for him, makes him think about what he's feeling & thinking about all this. reason 2: it's hard to write & talk at the same time!

mark's foot is doing very well. doctor is very happy with the progress, but still won't let him go back to work until next week at least. poor mark is bored out of his mind. at least he can drive now. and yes, jen, with dr. approval.

well, i must dash, i gotta get my box together for dulaan (it ahs to mail wednesday!)



Trixie said...

Amazing. When the focus came off my sister who was acting out and when my parents were finally able to really see me for the first time in a decade...I think they were surprised too. She would later remark how I had taken her place in the family but I just smiled and thought "you really have no idea, do you?" She saw her place in the family as the star not as the troublemaker that she had turned into...even after all these years, her view of her own actions is still so one-sided.

I am glad that Liam will benefit because Sean is benefiting as well. You are doing what is best for both of your children. For your family as a whole. Be strong.

Janine said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Hang on in there things will ome right in the end :-)
If MArk is bored why not teach him to knit! lol

Janice said...

thinking of you and saying a prayer. get in touch if you need a chat