Sunday, June 11, 2006


i know, really original, but i'm lacking. i'm tired. we've been staying at mark's since thursday night, to help out while he's laid up with his foot. the surgery went fine, and we've been getting through the dressings (once we discovered we could use non-stick pads, life got MUCH easier). however, i'm tired. i've been on full mom-alert since thursday, so don't sleep much while mark tosses & turns. he says he's sleeping well, but he moves alot (more than usual) and kicks that foot, like he's trying to get the bandages off in his sleep, which is kinda funny, since he usually sleeps with his socks on anyway (was that TMI?).

i do sit here with heavy heart, though. sean has been having trouble, ever since the med change in late may, and today was damned close to the last straw. i've been taking my rings off to wash my hands so i can help mark with the dressing changes (he insists on taking the final pad off himself, as he can handle hurting himself much better than letting someone else do it for him), and had forgotten to put them back on last night. this morning, when i went to put them on, my engagement ring was missing. as i've been so tired lately, i started to cry. mark got up (which he's not supposed to do) to help me look, when sean finally confessed that he'd taken it. when we told him to fetch it, he told me he'd accidentally stepped on it, and broken it. he brought down 2 pieces. there's still 2/3 of the ring missing, and all the stones. it had 3 sapphires. one of the pieces he'd brought down still had the prongs, but no stone. he said he knew where 1 stone was, but when he came back down, he said he couldn't find any of them. i'm crushed. devastated. needless to say, such wanton destruction has garnered this child absolutely no privileges. but it doesn't bring my ring back. i tried to explain to sean how much it hurt me to have him break my ring. i told him it was like tearing up a picture of great-grandma ruth, or taking scissors to great-grandma mac's quilt. i don't think he ever got it. he apologized a couple of times, but so many times before it's been completely empty. i don't know waht to do.

ok, enough depression, how's about some pics?

this keyhole scarf is made with some unidentified yarn that i got in the yarn swap last january. i got this yarn from jen. it's a nice, soft, superbulky weight. very nice to work with. in fact, i'm casting on for a hat in this stuff as we sit here. this & the hat are destined for Dulaan. i gotta hurry, though, everything has to be there by july 1.

This vest is made with my own handspun. now, when i swatched it, for sweater wizard, it came up using size 7 needles. however, i am notorious for being slightly inconsistent with my bulky handspun, and this came out a bit stiff. not too bad (it's made with merino, how stiff can that be?) but still, it would be best suited for wear over something else. this should fit a toddler (2 or 3?)
This is the handspun i got from the roving i'd bought from spunky eclectic (i'll link later, i promise) this is 2-ply, and i think maybe dk weight. i've got 2 more "skeins" of roving in this colorway, so i've got plenty for SOMETHING. god knows what.
this stuff is actually quite pretty, and i just found out it's got silk noil in it. it was a bugger to spin; just ask spinnerella. she's the one who gave it to me, lol. it came with my plying box (no, dear, it's not done yet, i have to sand it again after the last coat of polyurethane (don't buy the spray stuff, sheesh)). it is nice though. i'm still deciding what to do with it. this is navajo plied.

and now i must be off. we're spending the night at mark's again, and i just stopped long enough to grab another week's worth of meds for sean, his boots, and some shorts for me to wear to work

and yes, i did wear my tank top for WWKIP on saturday. even though it didn't get any warmer than 68 (brrrrrrrrrrrrrr)


Janine said...

Sorry to hear about your ring - I was bad enough when I lost a stone out of mine - thankfully we were able to replace it with a very similar one ( who knew saphirres came in so many blues!)
I love that turquoise yarn you have spun. I'm working my way through my first spindle full of yarn ever - It's addictive isn't it :-)

Snarled Yarns said...

Hey finaly found your blog! sorry to hear about your ring. Adel was alright. (expensive)missed seeing you there.

Lynne said...

Oh, your poor lovely ring!
Hope Mark's foot is getting much better.
I can't say much about Sean except I would've throttled him by now - you must be a saint!

Chicken Lips said...

OMG! Poor you. My youngest son is mildly autistic and I could relate a ton of simular stories to you, but suffice it to say I can umderstand just how you feel. Hang in there sweetie, it doesn't always get better but you deffinately get better at it!

I am sorry your package is late getting out. Hope to get it in mail this next week sometime.

Trixie said...

All I can do is send hugs. We are starting foster care classes and I will always keep your family in mind when we host a child. I promise.