Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ummmmmmm, yeah

who needs a title, lol.

ok, several things.

i need some opinions, from you literate types. i'm listening to The Sun Also Rises by ernest hemmingway on book tape. do you think this is a book that is too advanced for liam to listen to? mind you, this is a child (ok, momma bragging warning!) who reads at college level, and comprehends at senior in high school level. i just looked at the school's AR (advanced reader) catalog, and it's not in there, so he wouldn't get credit for it through the AR program. however, it might impress his lit teacher into raising his grade above a C. yeah, i know, why is a kid with his reading ability getting a C? i dunno, and he won't tell me. i need to email his teacher (i keep telling people that.) hang on, i'll go do that right now.

ok, i'm back. we'll see what she has to say.

Liam's over all grades were actually pretty nifty. he's got 4 A's, 2 C's, a D and an F. while i'm not happy with the F, i will accept it, because he's brought his grade in that class up 21 points in 2 weeks. all he has to do now is keep handing in his assignments on time (that's what got him).

Sean isn't doing so well. he's not doing his assignments in the BD room, so he's failing most of his classes. the odd part is that in 2 classes he's only been in once, P. E. and Lifetime Sports (2 separate classes) he got A's. go figger.

he's also being moved to another foster home. i am sincerely convinced that we need to go to the next step, but i have to leave that up to the "professionals." like my caseworker (ugh). and i'm working on getting her replaced. which reminds me, i need to email her supervisor (again, sigh). be right back

ok, now that's done.

hmm, shall we discuss married life? someone recently asked me if it was any different. considering mark and I have lived together off and on for the last 3 years ( the off was state-mandated, they wanted me to prove i could provide a safe home environment for the kids on my own), the togetherness aspect hasn't really changed. what has changed is the level of tenderness between mark & myself, as well as a calming influence on the kids in general (well, as calm as sean can be at this point, sigh). that, and the tendency to giggle when we call each other husband and wife. and i still look over my shoulder for my MIL when someone calls me Mrs. Olson. lol.

knitting. yes, i have been knitting. right now, i'm working on a christmas present, and a lame teddy bear for teddy bears for tragedy ( they have ONE pattern, and you must not deviate. and it's lame, sigh), plus, i've joined the madness at knitty, after all this time, and i've got the clap. yes, i'm knitting a clapotis. granted, i don't have enough of edith (you know, the famous women's line by schaffer yarns?) (i've got about 480 yards) so i'm making a mini-clap. i know, i need to post a pic, but i'm on mark's puter, and considering we just recovered from a crash, i don't want to put too much on it at this time. hell, i can't even listen to limenviolet! feel sorry for me!

and since i've been pretty silent about my reading habits, lately, here we go:

The Son Also Rises by ernest Hemmingway (book tape in car)
The Dark Tower (VII) by Stephen King (book tape at my house)
Simarillion by JRR Tolkien
Shadow Dawn by George Lucas

yeah, i know, i'm looney for reading 4 books at a time, but hey, a girl's gotta keep entertained!


Bear said...

Ditch the Hemingway. My suggestion is 'A Son of the Circus' by John Irving. It is quirky and a bit different but it will challenge him to think...


Sarah / Blue Garter said...

How old is Liam? I'd say let him try the Hemingway, and read it yourself at the same time so you can discuss it. Content-wise, he's not going to encounter anything he hasn't already seen in movies and on television. If it's over his head, he'll probably put it aside anyway.