Wednesday, September 27, 2006

you have to check this out!

attention all potter-philes. there's pics!
go check it out. neville is actually looking kinda cute!


Alcariel said...

I am loving the fact that all the main boys cut their hair!! Whenever I watch GoF, I just want to dive through the screen with a pair of scissors and give them all haircuts!

abbeylane said...

Thanks so much for the web site. I laughed out loud with I saw that they had cased emma thompson as professor trelawny.

puck said...

he he

Snarled Yarns said...

Hey girl, missed you last thur at Touche'. We had a blast but I understand about kids come first. Yes I will be there next thur.
About the book for your son, I say go for it. My 8 yr old reads Eragon and loves it. She doesn't understand all of it but still thinks it great!

puck said...

hey, so major changes of plans and i am not going to san fran, so where are we knitting on thursday? are you going? lemme kno :>
my word verification is 'dzugy' which pretty much sums up how i feel