Friday, September 08, 2006

i know, i know

i promised pictures, and i do have my camera, but i'm at mark's house, and my software & cord are at my house. i'll post pics later, i swear

ok, here goes.

flowers are actually progressing. i've got all 4 corsages, and all 7 boutineers done, plus my throwing bouquet. yes, i am having a throwing bouquet. no way in hell am i going to throw something that i put that much work into. that, and i think i might just brain someone with it. it's, um, a bit big? as far as i've gotten with it so far, lol.

we have a hair dresser, i have a dress that has been hemmed, and will be taking it to the cleaners today. i was going to use max i walker, but would you believe they send their freaking wedding dresses to kansas city to be cleaned, and it takes 3 1/2 weeks! i haven't even had the dress 3 1/2 weeks! so i'm going with armstrong cleaners. believe it or not, the lady at max i walker told me to go there. she said she hated sending business elsewhere, but she understood my need. we're meeting with the caterer this afternoon for final numbers. the annoying part is so many of the invitations i've sent out haven't rsvp'ed yet. oy. i think i'm going to cushion it by about 25, and if we run out, oh well, not my freaking fault. i'm hunting for a tiara/crown, but haven't seen anything that i like, so far. so one of the other things i'm going to be doing today is going to mangelson's & hancock fabrics and seeing what they have. if not, i guess we'll just have to fake it.

i just realized that i didn't fill you in on the shoes. sherril had to order more. she called me last week,and told me they were in, and i told her to just bring them with her. then i know the only way they'll get lost is if her luggage gets lost. while this is a possibility, it's better than mailing hte frigging things again.

and that needle i lost? i found it. i'd forgotten i'd combed my hair out before the doctor's appointment, and laid it on the end table. so it was there! yippee skippiee! i'm to the foot portion of her sock, so it continues apace. i had erin try it on, because while her feet are longer than steph's, her ankles are similar, and it fit! woot! now, i'm just gonna make them longer than i would need, and i should be ok. unfortunately, there's no one around here with size 91/2 wide feet. erin & carin both wear a size 11. damn.

and y'all need to go check out limenviolet and see the lovely yarn they've contracted with lisa souza to dye for them. yes, i said lisa souza. and in case you've just crawled out from under a rock, she has the most amazing sock yarn & spinnable fiber on the planet. there's a link on their blog, so go check it out. i ended up spending way too much money, lol. not to mention the other big announcement. go on. i'll wait.

see, wasn't that worth the trip!

i had a craptastic day last thursday, so engaged in some retail therapy at SoP, and ended up buying some schafer yarn. their famous women series? i got edith piaf. yes, there will be yarn p0rn on here, as soon as i can get to my house, lol. and robin ended up getting in trekking yarn, so while i lusted, she said she wouldn't get it barcoded that night. would youbelieve it was still there when i got there last night? so now i'm the proud owner of TWO balls of trekking. mmmmmmm, tasty.

well, imust flee. i have to do the dishes and vacuum, before i take off, so this place is in decent shape for when the caterer gets here.



AR said...

Sounds like things are falling in place. Now, get the camera out, and show us some yarn!

mamaloo said...

Life is just flying in your world!

Judith said...

Sorry I missed you at SoP last night. I had the migraine from hell.

So, they have the Famous Women series of yarn? Because I'd had them order the Indira Ghandi one for me some time ago. If that's the stuff they're carrying, then I'm all for it!

Gotta go, girl! I'm printing envelopes as I type this. Hard to keep up with the printer!


Alcariel said...

Don't feel bad. I couldn't resist the LS limenviolet colorway either. And when I sat down at the computer with my credit card...well....that's dangerous. So now Lisa, Knitpicks and Blue Moon are all getting money from me. I'm so bad!