Wednesday, August 30, 2006

can't sleep, flowers will eat me

I've got the mom corsages done. my bouquet is half done. i have tons of pearls & ribbons and floral tape, though! hmm, thank goodness i'll have 9 glorious free days before. i'm not getting anywhere, i swear.

and a gracious thank you to both miss lime & miss violet. miss lime had done some hand-painting, and brought the results 3 weeks ago. i must have overly oohed & aahed (not on purpose, no not sweetl lil' ole me!), because she decided to gift it to me as abridal shower gift. and mis violet traded me the berry mash i got from marie
for some halloween sock yarn i saw that she'd dyed months ago.

also, a great big thankyou to my secreat pal angel. she stepped up to the plate when my pal couldn't finish. go see patty and convince her that i love the sock yarn! it's trekking, for goodness, sake! i just happened to be in a get it out kind of mod that night, lol.

it doesn't help that i love my child very very very much. otherwise, why else would i be digging through the basement at 1030 looking for baby pictures? a buggy, spidery basement. with cobwebs. and sean has been digging (i.e. throwing shit everywhere) through stuff. i did hit the mother lode though. i found a box marked books & pics, and it had a TON. i think i deserve a reward after this, dont' you? i get to pic the picture. no matter how embarassing. don't worry, no naked baby pics, lol. i'm not that heartless.

liam is going out for football, and the first day of practice he yakked. mark & i told him & told him, but would he listen and get off his ass? too funny. he's fine, he just pushed himself too hard. a good night's sleep and he's back to his perpetual mouth motion, bubbly, perky, annoying self.

and i found my camera! it was on the. . . computer desk. in front of me. sigh. i promise i will post pics soon.

and now, darling readers, i must flee. i have to fetch the ritual brown paper bags for wrapping the precious textbooks. my precioussssssssssss.


fillyjonk said...

whenever I read anyone's wedding preparations, one thought looms large in my head:

"Holy [bleep] if this ever happens to me, I am SO eloping."

I mean, I have enough decisions in my daily life. Color scheme? Flowers? Caterer? DJ? Too much.

I guess I'd have to find a guy who had had a total Queer Eye makeover and cared passionately about that stuff, so I could let him take the reins. ("Honey...I wear a size 16 and I'm probably a bit old for white. Okay? So now please go find me a dress. I'll be happy with whatever you pick out.")

KnitAbout said...

congrats on the wedding. WOW. Just a quick trip at the library which is closing n four say I got theheadband and LOVE it. It's perfect for me! It was here when I got here.

Thank you so much! Good luck with the weddinga nd I'll post more when ig et itnernet again.

Happy times for you! Yay.

Judith said...

Hey, Minnie! I'm so glad I found your blog! Come and see me at!

Sorry to hear you're overwhelmed with the wedding prep. I wish there were something I could do, but the only creative thing I can do without a computer is knit.

Hugs! /Judith

Patty said...

At least now your sock yarn stash will be much smaller and much more stylish, eh? Glad you liked the Trekking yarn, not everyone does because - well, I don't know why - silly them. :-)

Enjoy your wedding prep and everything beyond.

Take care!

Michelle said...

Hi hon. How are you doing? Are you feeling too tired to get married, as I am? LOL One more week!