Thursday, August 17, 2006

because we're goin' to the chapel . . .

well, we most definitely have a minister! we met with him last night, paid him, and discovered he has a lovely sense of humor. thank goodness. i was really hoping for a non-plodding, unstodgy one.

we bought the rings yesterday. we had to order mark's, because he got a "fancy" band with an edge (he's only going to wear it once in a while, you can't wear those things when you work with machinery all day), and it may be tight to get it in. the lady did say that if it got close, we'd get one sized, then do an exchange for the correct, unaltered size. my band actually has stones in it. i hadn't originally wanted anything beyond a plain band, but it went so well with my engagement ring, that i couldn't resist. chaching & bling bling, doncha know!

i got the invitations out, for the most part. i'm passing them out at work (hush, don't tell anyone, i'm not supposed to, lol (ala dooce, apparently!)), and all the ones that need mailed have been so. it's looking like the west coast contingient is probably not going to make it. from either side, lol, because my second cousin is getting married the same day, lol. apparently that's a popular date!

I started my bouquet last night, and it's gonna be a whopper! i'll post a pic when i finish it (i'm at the library, killing a little time before sean's school physical). that leaves 3 more bouquets, and 4 corsages, and all the boutineeres.

Sean is doing so-so. he's been having difficulties likes he's always had, although he's not actively defiant with the fosterfamily. he just does things on his timetable, and no one elses. therapy tuesday stunk, because he absolutely did not want to participate. i'm sure a ton of this is the fact that liam got to spend a week with his grandma, while sean had to stay behind, and that school is starting next week, and he's dreading it. so far, not so hot. he's been informed that if he doesn't start behaving properly, he will not be allowed to participate in the wedding. while i would dearly love to have him there, he has to realize that this is MY day, and that what I say goes.

Alyse is actually going to come to the wedding! i sent her an email asking about the bridal shower, and she said she couldn't make that, but that her mom didn't get married every day (just every few years (the smart ass, gee, wonder where she gets it from?)) and that she'd be there

knitting? yeah, a little. mostly bag knitting, as i'm working on getting an inventory up. however, not much. my ac is out of commision because my sump pump broke, and it drains into that, so we've been at mark's. oy.

gotta dash i'm out of time!



Heatherly said...

passing out tired from today's wedding and i wasnt even the bride!

hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!

knittingjenni said...

Glad to hear that it is all working out. My wedding was a quick affair. We decided to get hitched and two months later there we were. I made my own bouquette's too. I still have both of them really. My maid of honor didn't come to the reception, shows who your friends really are. Now that the divorce has gone through , ha what a tale that is, I am a free woman and look at the flowers with a smile.

have a great wedding. see you Thursday night. :) Jennifer A.