Tuesday, August 22, 2006

now for something completely different

i was honestly going to post pics, but i can't find my camera, and i think a certain blonde who is no longer blonde has it. she was here sunday night, and i think she absconded with it without asking. sigh. i think i will get her one for christmas, as she's asked, just so she leaves my freaking camera alone!

hmmm, waht's up?

i don't have a dress. Mom can't get it to let out enough, so i get to go dress shopping at the last minute. joy.

i don't have shoes either. apparently the us postal service has decided that 2-3 day priority actually means whenever they damned well feel like it! so sherril ordered another pair of shoes. however, the sneakers that she dressed up for the reception may be a loss. payless has moved on to fall shoes, and these were backless sneakers. oy.

and everything else is going ok, wedding wise, except that the rsvp's are coming in S L O W L Y. doesn't anyone know that RSVP means responez sil vous plait? in english, send the frigging card back so i can give the caterer an accurate count! oy. of the 60 some invitations i've actually mailed with rsvps, i've got maybe 15 back. hello, they're not free stamps, people! damn. this is turning into a major pet peeve.

I also got a line on an interpreter for my mother for the wedding. Mark thought it would be cool if my brother bob interpreted for her, but i told him it would never work. I don't kid when i say i'm the family interpreter. i'm the only one who truly signs. my brothers fingerspell, as do my kids. i'm it.

and in case you couldn't tell by the previous post, school starts tomorrow. yippee! there is some trepidation though. sean is going to be rotating classes. this may or may not be a good thing. at least he won't be bored, like last year. his teacher was so upset with him, that she took away his specials, and he NEVER LEFT THE CLASSROOM. he even didn't get PE or art. sigh. and i get the distinct impression that his art teacher didn't agree with it, because she has transferred to this middle school, and is doing 7th grade art. she said she was looking forward to seeing a lot more of sean this year, than last.

both boys are going out for football. this ought to be good. liam will do well, he'll just be worn out, because he's out of shape. sean will be a different story. he has issues with following rules, and doing as he's asked the first time. we'll see how well it works. he says he really wants to go out, so we'll try it. however, if he ends up off the team for behavior, i'm seriously thinking about making him pay for his cleats. what do you guys think? And this is an every body plays team. no matter how good or bad. i like that. i really think they should find a space for all kids at this age.

and they have a KNITING CLUB at the middle school! liam's language arts teacher is the sponsor, and when i told her i knit & spin, she just about spun herself. she was ecstatic, lol.

speaking of knitting, there has been a wee bit of progress. i started & frogged a socklet that i'm doing for steph for christmas. she keeps telling me she doesn't like fancy colored socks, so i'm making her white socks! brown sheep wildfoote comes in off white, and since it's machine washable, that's definitely doable for her. i also frogged the carnival yarn. the toe was coming out too elvish, and i definitely have hobbit feet (guess what i've been listening to on booktape!)

how's about a little redneck? i havne't done any since (gasp) june!

you might be a redneck if you have 16 cats living in your yard, but can't get close enough to pet any of them.
. . .you practice shooting your bow at work.
. . . you've ever been promoted to dishwasher.
. . . you have something on layaway at the 99-cent store (or walmart, lol)
. . . people driving directly behind you become faint & dizzy (like the car behind me on the interstate today, you couldn't see behind him!)
. . . you & your wife have the same measurements (does that include body hair?)
. . . your biggest business worry is law enforcement.
. . . the only time you traveled out of state was an alien abduction.
. . . you use speed bumps to try to get your truck airborne.
. . . your landscaping includes corn & squash (except that is the new "in" thing, according to abc news tonight. does that make them rednecks or hippies?)
. . . the drugstore calls the police after developing your pictures (ewwwwww)
. . . you buy groceries, bait, and lottery tickets at the same place (walmart!)
. . . your favorite sex position is "awake." (i'm not EVEN going there!)
. . . you carry a case of beer to your tax audit. (bribe?)
. . . you think AOL is how your uncle got out of the army.
. . . your cell phone plays "sweet home alabama." (and what's wrong with that? that just makes you a high tech red neck (i hear george jones!))
. . . your cb antenna slaps the stoplights when you go through town.
. . . every car you own has a "papa John's" sign on the roof.
. . .you use a screwdriver to start your pickup (or a pair of pliers, lol, been there done that)
. . . your front yard is on more than one prayer list. (hmmmm)
. . . the most romantic moment of your life was interrupted by a police officer.
. . . the only pool you've owned is a cesspool.
. . . you think algebra is something you buy at Victoria's Secret. (now that's funny!)

and i'll leave you with this thought: if you can't be good, be good at it (dont' ask where i got that, i don't know!)

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