Thursday, August 24, 2006


you know, blogger's habit of publishing your post when you hit enter in the title field is REALLY ANNOYING! i think i may have to file a complaint on this one. so if you've clicked and i have a blank post, i'm working on a real post, but blogger hiccuped on me again.

it's hot. it's DAMN HOT. it's STANKY HOT. just ask deawn. at least i'm not allergic to my deodorant. and a great big thank you for the gifts she gave me at the world's rockingest bridal shower tonight! she gave me 2 different sleep masks, excedrin migraine, and HEAD ON! god, that commercial is so FUCKING ANNOYING! and the stuff is strictly homeopathic. we'll see, lol. oh, and the certificate for stuff when i DON'T have a headache. just too magnificent.

oh, you wanna hear about the world's rockingest bridal shower? for all you fiber-o-philes out there, it was at SoP. a yarn store. and the theme? yarn swap. bride gets first pick. and the funny part? i gave away more yarn than i took home. if anyone recalls, i had a big box of sock yarn, and i'd never touched it. well, it ALL has a home now. however, since one spinner arrived with roving, i did take some home. i will show pics as soon as i can find my fucking camera. it's awol in my kitchen, and since i'm not living here right now, it could damned well be ANYWHERE. and liam's birthday is tomorrow. damn. and the way we did the swap? i would hold up a yarn, tell what it was, then either confiscate it, or offer it up. it got thrown at the first person who spoke up for it. there were a few that didn't take any. or maybe not. actually, i think the only one who didn't take any was carin, and she didn't bring anything except some gorgeous roving from blue moon fibers (home of socks that rock!) that she didn't care for, but that i had drooled over when it arrived, named persimmon. however, it was NOT orange. it was orange & purple & chartreuse, and oh my goodness, so yummy! and food. i think i had enough sugar to power an adhd child for weeks! no wonder i was so frantic at the end, lol. erin made the most amazing, gooey, chocolatey brownies i've ever had. jen went to whole foods (oh my god, i could LIVE there!) and brought mini tartlets and chocolate flourless torte (i.e. chocolate fudge with eggs, drool!). miriam brought cream cheese mints (about the only mint i'll eat, how she knew, i'll never guess). linda brought these little phyllo dough packets filled with raspberry jam & cream cheese. alicia, of limenviolet fame brought banana bread, which i'm told was very good. i stayed at the other end of the room (i'm allergic to bananas, which alicia did not know. it's ok, hon, everybody else enjoyed it, which is what counts!). while none of it was good for the body, it was most definitely food for the soul. i'll take a page from liz, also of limenviolet fame, and say i could have rolled around in it.

and i think tonya gave me the most precious gift of all. she gave me the skein of yarn that she had handspun that took a first at the nebraska state fair last year. i am truly honored with such a precious gift, and will try to find something appropriately stunning to make with it. thank you so very very much.

on to other bits.

i'm still working on the socks i'm making for steph, except i had a needle go awol. i had it in my hair when i went to my doctor appointment, and i think it fell out when i took my hair down. who knows where it is now. so i had to improvise, and snag one of the susan bates i bought 2 weeks ago when i had forgotten my knitting for knit night. thank god they were in the car.

not much else knitting is happening right now. see paragraph one.

sean is not going out for football. i'm sorry, but when he gets in trouble on the SECOND day of school, when they tried to test him out in a regular classroom (and it was his rude behavior, not just some innocent mistake), i think he needs to work on the academic before we reward him with sports. we'll try for basketball this winter.

wedding plans continue apace. i got more bubbles done up this afternoon, and had to start cutting squares again. i also bought more flowers & stuff to make the ring-bearer pillow at hobby lobby this afternoon, since my job decided they didnt' need my services today, and gave me R(required) T(time) O(off) at 10 am! mark asked mom if she could shorten my dress, so tomorrow's assignment is to find shoes with the appropriate heel height (i called sherril and asked how high the heels were, so i could find some in my shoe stash) and get the dress over there this weekend. thank god it's supposed to be cooler! i dont' know if i can stand this icky humid crap anymore.

i promise, as soon as i find my camera, there will be pics.


Lynne said...

Sounds like you are still hyped up on lollies and stuff! LOL!
So you have a dress and you almost have shoes. Excellent.

Alcariel said...

I took that other bag of the green merino fiber. Remember my sad puppy dog face?

AR said...

That sounds like so much fun! I want a fiber/yarn swap b-day party.

Michelle said...

You had a great shower! Can't wait to see some pics!!!

TitaniumRose said...

Glad you enjoyed the shower - I think we all had a lovely time. And we had no idea that cream cheese mints are all you'll eat - Miriam just offered to make them and I thought it would be appropriate. =) Happy accidents are wonderful things I guess.

I'll make another pan of brownies for the shindig at Carin's tomorrow.

fillyjonk said...

It's stanky hot here too.

Someone should start a group blog where people can go and moan about the heat and how awful it is.

It does sound like your party was fun, and it sounds like wedding stuff is progressing well.

(And as for Sean, I think you did the right thing, keeping him out of football and saving it as a reward.)

puck said...

so glad you had a good time at the shower...i broke the yarn diet and ordered some limenviolet sock yarn from scouts swag when i got home..i know, i know...
even though the green merino wasn't my favorite (why i brought it to the sswap) i am interested to see how it spinds up....i am also very interested in persimmon once it becomes yarn.
see ya tonight!

Trixie said...

Look at you with your rockin' bridal shower of yarn! The treats sounded amazing. Give me chocolate any day.

I even learned something new: you are allergic to bananas.

I had no idea.

Can't wait as the wedding date closes in....sooo excited for you! Better find that camera quick.

KnitAbout said...

love the list. So you didn't dye it...ya well, considering you even sent a box udring this period. SOryr it took me so long to post it. My camera dyed (hehehe) and then...all hell broke loose. But I love it and am excited!

Have a great great wedding.