Wednesday, August 23, 2006

mama said there'd be days like this. . .

holy craptastic! what a day.

let's preface it with the fact that, in the end everything turned out well. but man o man!

i took the day off, but didn't accomplish anything i really wanted to do. wedding stuff? well, one thing. i found a dress. yes, that fast. it fits like a dream (except it's long, so it will go over to mom's for shortening, but that's the ONLY thing it needs), and it was the first one we picked out. it actually makes me look skinny!

while i was at therapy, my cell phone rang, and it was sean's foster mom. has the school called? no. sean's missing. he's WHAT??!?!?!?!??! so i left early, and called hte school. they said they'd given the FM all the info,a nd to talk to her. oy. this is my child folks, i need info! so i got to the school, and they hadn't heard anything. they thought he'd gotten on the wrong bus. after waiting at the school for 45 minutes, and the bus people calling back & saying he wasn't on the special ed busses, i was ready to panic. then, the FM called back & said that sean had walked up to his former foster mom's house when he'd missed his bus, and waited for her to get home from work. oy! he didnt know that only the doors he was near were locked, so he assumed they were all locked, and started walking. while it was not the best choice to make (he's been told he should have stayed at the school, at least we would have known where he was), at least he thought to try to find an adult to help him. believe it or not, i do believe this is a step in the right direction.

and by the way, did no one appreciate my attempt at celebratory humor for the last day before school started? hmmm? gimme some love, folks!



Alcariel said...

Do you have pictures of your dress to show off? Bring them to SoP tonight if you do. Oh...and I'm not bringing much of my stash. Actually, all I'm going to bring is that Blue Moon roving that you liked that I'm not really crazy about.

Michelle said...

Good grief, what a scare! Sean did do good though, going to his former foster mom's.

You already found another dress and one that makes you look skinny! Where? I'm still searching. I'm cutting it so close, I may just walk down the aisle naked...well, maybe not totally. My shawl will be done. LOL