Thursday, February 01, 2007

keep your eyes on the prize

I had entered a contest over at the Loopy Ewe. actually, it was Sheri's blog, but close enough, lol. She had bought the doors from her grandparents' house, because it was being torn down, and wanted to know about our memories, and if we'd done something nutty like that. i left a comment, about the delft china door knobs & switch plates i had taken from my grandmother's house, because we knew the house was to be torn down. well, i won, via random number generator, lol. this is what i got:
What you're seeing is a skein of cherry tree hill supersock sock yarn, a set of Lantern Moon Sock Stix (in some dark wood, they're just yummy!), samples of wool wash, a Sock Yarn Diary, and the most darling card! And all i thought i'd get is sock yarn. Wow! Thanks, Sheri!

And this has been a week for packages! I finally got my Violet's Pink Ribbon (ask, and i'll post a pic, most of you have seen it before, lol). Thanks Lisa!

and package #3? from my secret pal, who isn't a secret any more, lol! Lindsey Behrend, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hey Lindsey! you didn't send a blog addy! Give it up, woman! And here is what she sent:

What you're seeing is 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces sock yarn (i can't remember the name, lol, 2 balls of some yummy blue stuff (the box is at my house, lol, so i can't remember waht the name was), a glass canister filled with chocolate covered almonds (spot on there, lindsey!), citrus soap, a Love pearl kit (you get sent a tin with a mollusk in it that you open to find a pearl, and a necklace to put the pearl in!), 2 different boxes of gum, a pretty berry/lavendar candle, a box of hand-dipped truffles (don't worry, lindsey, i'm hiding these!), some tootsie pops for the boys, a tootsie roll, a post card from her show at college (she's an art type!), and magazines from her area. the pop rocks she sent are already gone (steph got them, since it was her birthday, and it's the only candy she can eat!). woohoooo! thanks a ton lindsey, these are fantastic! and here's a few things i've been working on lately:

This set is one of the promised for AC4C.

The Dragon Sweater! i did do a few alterations. No spots (i was ready to murder by then), i crocheted the ears onto the hood, crocheted the ridge onto the back, and added a pointed tail. dragonny enough for ya? i think i'll send a copy of this pic to Marnie, since it's her pattern.

This hat was started last summer, for dulaan. of course, i got sick of it, and it sat in Time Out for months. well, i finally decided i needed the needles, and since i hate putting things on stitch holders just cuz i want the needles, i decided to finish it. it looks funky like that because the bottom was done with the lime green mohair i had won from the ABC along, and the top was the brown mohair that i had given natalie when i was her secret pal. she could never figure out what to do with it, so when she put it up for her destashing, i got it back, lol. her contribution to dulaan! and finally, a pic of the birthday girl:

We went to Ameristar to the buffet for dinner that night (her request). i couldn't get a decent picture in the place to save my life, i'll tell ya! after this, she went to lincoln, and drank herself silly. Who's heard of a shot drink called frog sperm? what's in it? that, plus a cement mixer, and a scooby snack, and god knows what else. good thing she took tuesday off, lol!
so, anyway, i've got tons to do, so i gotta scram! TTFN!


Anne said...

Wow! You got some great stuff this week. And cranked out some cool FO's too!

Snarled Yarns said...

Cool stuff, looks like it's gift week for everyone. Deawn tagged me with a meme, and yes I miss you guys too. I'm just really busy!

The Spindling Scot said...

Wow, busy few days!
Love the package, and if secret pal does number 10 PLEASE let me know, I'd love to spoil someone with goodies from France :-)

Just the thought of frog sperm makes me sick, but frogs legs taste nice, so there you go!

Marnie said...

The dragon came out SO cute. I love it. The tail is especially wonderful :)

Maryellen said...

Hi Minnie

it looks like you got a bunch of wonderful stuff. I got a box of wonderful stuff too thanks to you. Now I had a great blog post all ready to post but blogger is not allowing me. So I'm forced to just thank you here for now but i will get the public thank you out or I'll strangle blogger.

Michelle said...

Wow, you've been really busy and raking in some really awesome goodies...I'm getting me one of those wee sock journals from the Loopy Ewe.

I just adore that Dragon sweater! Well done.