Thursday, February 15, 2007

what can i say

it's hard to post when you're trying to cough up a lung.

this is mostly why i hate so much having a "real" cold. when i was 4, i had pneumonia, so whenever i get an intense cold, it starts in my head, then migrates to my chest, where i end up living on halls & nyquil (i don't care about the decongestant at that point, i can actually breathe quite easily. it's the coughing that keeps me up all night that sucks). i forgot my nyquil last night, and woke up at 2 coughing so hard i couldn't see (i know, it was dark, but i couldn't see anything) i thought for a minute i was going to stroke out. i didn't get up with mark this morning, and when the alarm went off at 6:15, i almost cried, my head hurt so bad. not migraine bad, because my migraines run on one side of my head. this was on ALL of my head, sigh. fortunately, a handful of painkillers has taken it down to a tolerable level, except for one small problem.

today is parent teacher conference day. sigh. the kids get out at 11, and they start at 1230, so i have to scram in a little bit here. i hate days like this. at least they only take half-days 2 times a year, for parent teacher conferences. i would like to know, however, why the hell they're having these when the quarter is only half way done? quarter ends MARCH 16! blooming idiots.

anyway, i have two new yarns up on my etsy site:

this is goose. this was dyed by miss vi, and it's 100% domestic wool. 223 yds of sock-dk weight lovliness.

then there's this:
This is platinum, by Erin of Mama C*eye*berfibers.

This is a 50/50% superwash merino/tencel blend,which means it's machine washable! there's approximately 160 yards of dk-worsted weight, there.

go on, check them out! i gotta scram, i got laundry to do before my day devolves into sitting in lines for hours. oy.


Anne said...

Sounds absolutely awful! I hope the bug goes away soon and you can get on with things.

Anonymous said...

I am just on the dry coughing up a lung thing. And that is bad enough. Feel better soon!