Sunday, February 18, 2007

socks that rock!

i finished my first pair of socks for the L&V Sock Marathon. I've been using sock yarn, but this is the first pair of socks that i've done. they are the wyvern pattern from marnie. click on her patterns page, and it will take you there. these were made from trekking #69 (there goes the inner 12-year-old!), with size #2 lantern moon sox stix i won from sheri @ the loopy ewe (do i really need to link them?)

wanna see?

i know, you wanted to see them on feet. my camera is AWOL at the moment, so this is the best i could do. they look a little odd because they are done with 2x2 ribbing on the sole and the back of the leg. this makes them more form fitting. as much as i normally prefer bright colors, this colorway is definitely attractive. i tried to make these with full repetitions, however, which resulted in them being a tad bit too long for me. that's ok. i had wanted to make socks for A4A for their sock drive, and since they are due march 7, i got these done just in time. while technically this is a lace pattern, the holes are minimal. these will make some school age child very happy. they will go in the wash tomorrow, and into the van (mark smokes, so i'm trying to prevent "contamination") to dry. they will probably be mailed tuesday. I have a hat done for the circus people at A4A as well (they do something with school age children & they had specific colors they wanted (primary green is what i did)).
this pattern was easily memorized. in fact, after i finished sock #1 on wednesday at the school knitting club, i didn't start the next one until friday afternoon. i finished up #2 tonight, and had no problems swinging right back into the pattern after i had finished the short row toe. Whee!
more later, i wanna finish the other Ms. Lime sock (i'm on a finishing roll!)


janine said...

I still haven't got round to seeing that movie. I think the wheels you are describing are called Charka Wheels - I have seen them for sale on They are quite often highly decorated with indian symbols or flowers. There is quite a large asian community in the UK, so I guess that is why they are available.

Maryellen said...

You've been a busy knitter. I like the socks. I have a skien of socks that rock but have not used it yet. maybe for my next pair?

BeccaU said...

Those socks look great! Right now I've got Second Sock Syndrome going on (that hasn't happened in a while!) You asked about "Photo Hunt" - check it out here:
In a nutshell, you take a picture that suits a theme - I just signed up, but have yet to play along!